Why Girls Love The Santa Bod
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Why Girls Love The Santa Bod

The body that says, "My favorite type of exercise is eating my weight in sweets."

Why Girls Love The Santa Bod

If you're familiar with Odyssey, you probably know the article that when viral in 2015, "Why Girls Love The Dad Bod." But during this Christmas season, instead of going for the Dad Bod, why not go big with the Santa Bod?

Everyone knows at least someone with a Santa Bod, you know... the body that says, "My favorite type of exercise is eating my weight in sweets." This guy is definitely the kind of guy we all want for MANY reasons.

His personality is not overshadowed by his body

We all know those guys, the ones who are generally sweet and interesting but you have a hard time listening to a word he's saying because you're distracted by his chocolate brown eyes and a perfectly tanned six-pack. You will know immediately whether or not you love his personality because you aren't distracted by superficial things.

It takes the pressure off of you

Let's be honest, there aren't very many people in this world that enjoy spending 12 hours a week in the gym or ordering only salad when going out for dinner, but most people will at least attempt to do these things anyway, in an attempt to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. If you date a guy with a Santa Bod, it takes the pressure off of you to always look perfect.

He's a foodie, just like you

One thing that all humans have in common is food. No matter what country you're from, what religion or political party or anything else that you are, we all love to eat different types of food. If you get yourself a man with a Santa Bod, he will most likely be a foodie. This is good news for you, especially if you aren't a picky eater. He will love to experiment with Thai, sushi, New American, Mexican, Italian and anything else you could want but he will also never be opposed to staying in and ordering two large, everything, pizzas. What more could a girl want in a guy than a partner who will travel the world to eat with her?

He's a better cuddler

Sure the Dad Bod offers good cuddling, but the Santa Bod offers great cuddling. You have your very own pillow built into a boyfriend.

You know exactly what you're getting

Ten years from now when you have three kids, your own careers and yearly visits with the in-laws you don't have to worry about your now 30-year-old husband letting himself go. You know that you loved his personality, lifestyle, etc from the beginning, so you don't have to worry about your slightly chubby hubby, you'll love him forever anyway.

So sure, the Dad Bod is a somewhat desirable body type, but don't sell yourself short. This holiday season, get yourself a loving, boyfriend with a Santa Bod.

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