We have all been there. The shock. The heartbreak. After investing months of your time and emotions, it's all over. Season 5 of your favorite show on Netflix has come to an end. As the final credits roll you ask yourself: What do I do now? Where do I go from here? Well, when mourning any relationship, whether it be with boys or TV characters, expect plenty of tears and a pint of Ben and Jerry's or two.

Over the past few months you have turned down plans, avoided obligations and maybe even missed a class or two so you could stay in with your laptop. You have come to know and love the characters, and after watching them grow over the seasons, you may even consider them close friends. Well, it's time to turn off the computer, get out of bed and finally get off the emotional roller coaster you've been on since the first episode.

Saying goodbye is never easy. But we all have to do it.

Finishing a series a series on Netflix is like going through a breakup, and like any breakup, there are five stages of grieving we all experience:

1. Desperate for Answers

While dealing with the news of the breakup, people find themselves needing answers: Why did this happen to me? Why is it over? The sadness and grief they feel consume their thoughts and leaves them wanting to understand why they have to deal with such a great loss.

2. Denial

This isn't happening! When their search for answers comes up short, people refuse to accept that the relationship is over. There is no way this show is over for good. I'm sure they'll come out with another season, or better yet a movie!

3. Compromise

This stage is a brief moment of clarity, when people try to convince themselves that they are better off without their ex (or in this case Ex-flix). They admit to themselves that they were in a toxic relationship and should not consider this breakup and end, but rather a beginning. This show was holding me back from living my life anyway!

4. Relapse

No, no, NO! Who am I kidding, that show was amazing! How am I supposed to go on without it?! It can't be over, it just can't! Although they try our best to move on, the fond memories of their favorite characters always draw people back in.

5. Acceptance

The relationship is over, and people finally accept it. They are sad it's over, but are grateful for all of the good times they've shared with their partner (or characters). They are now ready and able to move on and begin the next chapter of their lives.