Why I Enjoy Being a Student-Athlete
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Why I Enjoy Being a Student-Athlete

And Not a NARP

Why I Enjoy Being a Student-Athlete

Most athletes love what they are doing, even though the stress feels unbearable at times.So, what do I enjoy most about being a student-athlete?

1. I don’t have to worry about keeping myself in shape

The amount of time [per week] I spend on weights increases my strength, and improves my figure.The amount of time I spend on practice increases my talent, and improves my form.The amount of time I spend on conditioning increases my endurance, and improves my mental toughness.The best part of all of this is that I don’t have to find time to do it myself, because it’s already scheduled.

2. I am forced to learn time management

As I am writing this, I am going through a mental breakdown because I have not managed my time well for the past few weeks.So, now I learn my lesson the hard way and move forward from here.It is very difficult, for me especially, to find time to study.So, any extra time I have, I put towards that.This helps me to understand priorities, which is my next point.

3. I am forced to learn who and what my priorities are

I have missed out on a lot, and by a lot, I mean A LOT.While my friends go out, I sit home and study.There is always a limit, and my limit is smaller than regular students’.Freshman year was difficult because I never had to make sacrifices before.So, through trial and error, I learned when I had to sacrifice.Yes, it is hard to sacrifice, but all those small sacrifices add up to a great future.

4. I learn what sacrifice means

When my mother used to tell me how many sacrifices she’s made for me, I never understood what she meant.But, I do now.I have to sacrifice my life now for a better future, in the same way that my mother sacrificed her life to see me succeed.So, I learn from her sacrifices, as well as mine, that we have both worked so hard to get me where I am now, and it would be foolish to throw it all away.

5. It keeps me out of trouble

As an athlete, I am constantly aware of my surroundings.I always have to be aware of who I associate with, and who I am hanging out with.I’ve had to distance myself from some friends and family who are negative influences and have a bad image to their name.So many of my friends try to tell me how I’m wasting away my college life (because I disagree with their actions and stay away from them outside of the classroom), and to them I say, “Whatever.”I choose to live my life risk-free; I would rather play it safe, than take risks that could potentially hurt my future.There is always someone watching, and there will always be someone trying to sabotage.

I have grown so much as a woman, and individual by being a student-athlete.I have found who I am and who I want to be, through the experiences [and challenges] I have faced.

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