We are the (AFC) Champions! Last night in Foxboro, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots took control of the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the AFC championship, 36-17. Luckily, the Pats maintained a solid lead throughout the game, as it could have been extremely nerve-wracking for us -- had the final score been a lot closer. As the clock ran out in the latter half of the second quarter, I experienced very positive vibes, as we are now onto Super Bowl LI to battle against the Atlanta Falcons. The upcoming game is a totally different story, as a trophy and fifth ring for Brady are both up for grabs, but most New England fans can say that they have faith in the team that we have all come to know and love. I am so excited to see where this game ends up taking us, and I have a

As I wrote about previously, I attended the AFC divisional playoff game versus the Houston Texans. Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I tend to keep to myself and that I am on the quiet side -- except when it comes to the Patriots (especially Tom Brady). Anyways, my family friend gave me a ticket to the game as a surprise the day before, and I could not have been more excited to go. That most definitely showed while I was in the stands. In fact, I did not have my voice back in full until almost three days later. As the night when on, I noticed that there was an older man in front of us who kept looking back and talking to the person next to him, and I assumed it was something about the game. However, right at the start of the third quarter, he turned around to confront me for my enthusiasm. He said, and I quote, “Do they patent your voice for dog whistles? Is there any way you could take it down at least two decibels”. Shocked that someone at a football game would even have the audacity to say that to someone, here was my response:

No. I am not going to take it down a notch. Just like you, I’ve waited all day for this game, and not to mention Tom Brady is one of my all-time favorite people. So no, I do not think that it would be possible for me to be quiet.

As much as I wanted to lay into him, that seemed to work. I knew it would be better to approach this absolute buzzkill in a respectful manner, and that’s how I am anyways. It probably would have aggravated him more if I had responded obnoxiously. He ended up leaving with about six minutes left in the fourth quarter, but I did not let this man kill my spirit. That is the true nature of a Patriots fan. No matter what is thrown at us, we will never stop cheering on the team that dominates and always leaves us wanting more.

One. More.