The Greatest Sports Film Speeches That You Absolutely Need In Your Everyday Life

The Greatest Sports Film Speeches That You Absolutely Need In Your Everyday Life

Whether it's on the field, court or ice— it's where champions are born and where legends are crowned.


    In the face of doubt, it's those places that bring forward both inspiration and motivation to a group of individuals, even spectators. In the scheme of things, that's exactly why sports films so elite in comparison to other genres out there. These sports films would be nothing without overcoming some sort of adversity, and that very same adversity is met with nothing short of courage, heroism, and fortitude.

    Some speeches might be emotional and some might be humorous. Some might be angry and some aren't even said inside a locker room. Some are based on a true story and some are not, yet they all have one thing in common. Each film's speech has the ability to break down that wall and pull the viewer into the situation, letting us truly feel that surreal intensity. It's the perfect trifecta of superb directing, acting, and writing.

    It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, here are 20 of the greatest sports film speeches that you absolutely need in your everyday life to stay motivated:

1. "Miracle" (2004)

"This is your time. Their time is done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Soviets have. Screw 'em."

2. "Rocky Balboa" (2006)

"The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it."

3. "Any Given Sunday" (1999)

"We are in hell right now, gentlemen. Believe me and we can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us or
we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb out of hell. One inch, at a time."

4. "Hoosiers" (1986)

"Forget about the crowds, the size of the school, their fancy uniforms, and remember what got you here."

5. "Pride of a Yankee" (1942)

"Today, I consider myself, the luckiest man on the face of the earth."

6. "Remember the Titans" (2000)

"This is where they fought the battle of Gettysburg. Fifty thousand men died right here on this field, fightin' the same fight that we're still fightin' amongst ourselves today."

7. "D2: The Mighty Ducks" (1994)

"We're not goons. We're not bullies. No matter what people say or do we have to be ourselves."

8. "Friday Night Lights" (2004)

"It's not about winning. It's about you and your relationship to yourself, your family, and your friends. Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn't let them down."

9. "The Sandlot" (1993)

"Everybody gets one chance to do something great. Most people never take the chance."

10. "Coach Carter" (2005)

"l came to coach basketball players, and you became students. l came to teach boys, and you became men."

11. "Facing The Giants" (2006)

"Keep going. Keep driving it. Keep your knees off the ground. That's it. Your very best. Don't quit on me."

12. "We Are Marshall" (2006)

"Six players, six teammates, six sons of Marshall. This is our past, gentlemen. This is where we have been, this is how we got here, this is who we are. Today."

13. "Field of Dreams" (1989)

"People will come, Ray. For reasons they cannot even fathom."

14. "The Blindside" (2009)

"But honor, that's the real reason for you either do something or you don't. It's who you are and maybe who you want to be. If you die trying for something important, then you have both honor and courage, and that's pretty good."

15. "Gridiron Gang" (2006)

Now is the time to prove to yourself and everyone out there that even though you're locked, you're somebody."

16. "Little Giants" (1994)

"When we were kids. We used to race our bikes down Cherry Hill every day after school. We raced every day and he always beat me, but one time— one time, I beat him."

17. "Rudy" (1993)

"Prove what? You are so full of crap. You are five feet nothing, 100 and noting. You hardly got a speck of athletic ability and you hung in with the best college football team in all the land for two years."

18. "Glory Road" (2006)

"Right now it's not about talent, it's about heart. It's about who will go out there and play the hardest."

19. "Invictus" (2009)

"Do you hear? Listen to your country. Seven minutes."

20. "Brian's Song" (1971)

"I think we should dedicate ourselves to give maximum effort to win this game."

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12 Things Texans Hate About Oklahoma

We all know Texas is the superior state, but just why do we Texans hate Oklahoma so much?

So, everyone on the planet knows that Texas is indisputably THE BEST state in this glorious country and because of this, we Texans deem every other state inferior. It also may seem that we have a 'rivalry' with Oklahoma (although, it's no contest which state is superior). However, this rivalry is actually more of a disdain and for many good reasons. That being said, here's a list of 12 credible, bona-fide reasons that Texans hate the state of Oklahoma.

1. The Constant Wind

Everyone has heard that the wind is constantly blowing in Oklahoma, but you don’t realize how annoying that is until you live here. You think you walk outside looking good, but the wind is like, “Haha, not today.” Also, it’s not the kind of cool breeze that’s refreshing on a hot day; if it’s cold outside, the wind is freezing cold, if it’s hot outside, the wind is a gust of hot, humid air.

2. No Buc-ee’s

If you haven’t heard of the amazing-ness that is Buc-ee’s, then you are missing out. Buc-ee’s is the most awesome gas station. They have everything, and by that, I mean everything. They even have Comfort Colors tanks with the Buc-ee’s logos, as well as the cleanest gas station bathrooms you’ll find anywhere. Unfortunately, unless you’ve ever driven to south Texas, you’ve possibly never heard of Buc-ee’s, which is a real shame.

3. Narrow Lanes

First off, the roads in Oklahoma are absolutely atrocious. The first grievance on this list is that the lanes are just too small. You think I’m going to be able to fit my dually truck and horse trailer in between these lines? Yeah, I don’t think so, that Prius barely fits.

4. Slow Speed Limits

On the subject of roads, the highways here have an average speed limit of 55. You have to get on a toll road to even have a speed limit of 75. That would not fly in Texas. How do you expect to get anywhere quickly if you have to go 55 mph? That’s child’s play. Texas boasts the highest speed limit in the United States, something we utilize to its full potential.

5. No HEB

HEB, aka the BEST grocery store on the planet, probably in the universe, but I cannot confirm, only has stores in Texas. And even then, the northernmost store is all the way in Burleson. I mean, you can buy Whataburger’s fancy ketchup by the bottle; what more can you ask for?

6. OU

The Red River rivalry is a well-known rivalry between OU (University of Oklahoma- Sooners) and UT (University of Texas- Longhorns). Admittedly, there is a lot of division between Texans on this issue, but if you’re a diehard Texan, then chances are you hate OU simply on principle.

7. Majorly Lacking Major League Sports Teams

As a Texan, we’re used to having our pick of major league sports teams, whether it be football, basketball, or baseball, and trash talking other Texans that root for the rival team is half the fun. All Oklahomans have are the OKC Thunder, and I guess hockey, but who really follows that any way? It’s America, football is king here and baseball is the national pastime.

8. Eternal Road Construction

Road construction is a necessary evil; it’s always going on. However, at least in Texas, you see actual progress. In Oklahoma, roads are cut down to one lane for months on end with no visible progress to be seen.

9. Increased Sales Tax

According to, the combined state and average local sales tax rate for 2015 is 8.77% in Oklahoma compared to 8.05 %. This seems like something really petty to add on to this list, but hey, I don’t want the government any more money than it has to. Also, when you start being an actual adult, Texas is one of seven states that does not charge state income tax.

10. No Coastline

Oklahoma is landlocked. For a Texan, whose home state boasts 367 miles of coastline (the 6th highest in the United States), this is stifling.

11. Mite Infestations

Apparently, this past summer and fall, there was an outbreak of mites that like to bite people. They were worse than mosquito bites and quite frankly, a pain in the butt to deal with. If you walked across any patch of grass, chances were you woke up with an itchy, red sore from this microscopic

12. It’s Just Not Texas

Any Texan can tell you, as we are know for our rather fanatic state pride, that there’s just something about Texas that feels like home. And no matter how many great things a city has to be proud of, nothing will ever replace Texas. Everything’s better in Texas and there’s no denying it.

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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Movies For Everyone In 2019

Enjoy 2019 with your friends at these upcoming movies


2019 is expected to be a huge year for movies across all genres. So whether you're a fan of horror or comedy or action, there is bound to be something made for you. While there are hundreds of movies scheduled to be released next year, here are a few of the top names for anyone to enjoy.

Avengers 4 (Untitled)

Release Date: April 26, 2019

Starting with the obvious here. The fourth installment of the Avenger's franchise is one of the most highly anticipated movies in recent memory. Though we know very little about the sequel to Infinity War right now, the excitement surrounding it is real. No matter if you are a hardcore Marvel fan or watching your first superhero movie, you won't go wrong here.

Toy Story 4

Release Date: June 21, 2019

Another series on its fourth installment, Toy Story has people of all ages buzzing with excitement. In this upcoming film, a new character, "Forky", joins Woody, Jessie and Buzz in their adventures. The first promo for the movie was just released, advertising the new character in comedic form and teasing fans with the small bit of a trailer. While Toy Story 4 is classified as children's movie, let's be real - it's Toy Story and likely won't disappoint fans of any age.


Release Date: May 24, 2019

Continuing the recent trend of beloved Disney classics getting live-action reboots is Aladdin. It will be easy to get sucked into a whole new world when you see Princess Jasmine and Aladdin flying through the real night skies, and bringing the man himself, Will Smith, in to play the Genie should add even more to the movie. The early trailers for this movie look flat out amazing, with the CGI and cinematography pleasing the eye in every way imaginable.

Space Jam 2

Release Date: TBA

This one is admittedly aimed more towards the sports fans out there, but Space Jam is a fun movie for the family. Starring Lebron James, Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Toons crew, Space Jam 2 will attempt to build on the last movie that starred Michael Jordan. Maybe, just maybe, this movie will also bring to an end the debate about who the real GOAT of basketball is: Jordan or Lebron?

IT: Chapter Two

Release Date: September 6th, 2019

A choice for any horror movie lovers out there. The Stephen King story made its way into pop culture years ago and last year burst back onto the scene when the movie was remade with new technology for new screens. The movie fared well with fans and because of this, we can count down the days until Pennywise returns to sewage drains near you.

The Lion King

Release Date: July 19, 2019

Back to Disney again, I know. But how can you not be infatuated with this cast? Seth Rogen, Donald Glover and Beyonce just to name a few of the names that got together to make this apparent masterpiece of a remake. The music should be out of this world with Glover and Beyonce, and that should be enough to bring this movie near the top of the box office.

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