11 Ways That I’m Similar To Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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11 Ways That I’m Similar To Dwayne The Rock Johnson

We’re practically twins.

11 Ways That I’m Similar To Dwayne The Rock Johnson

After extensive observance of Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson through his movies, Wikipedia, and online lists of interesting facts about him, I have realized that we have so much in common that we are practically the same person.

1. We both have permanent black markings on our skin.

You may have seen the large dark markings that cover Dwayne Johnson’s chest, one of his shoulders, and his upper arm known as tattoos. Similarly, I have a permanent black marking caused from a sharpened lead pencil stabbing me in the foot.

2. Short hair.

Neither Dwayne nor I have succumbed to the trend of wearing a bun in our hair in an age when wearing a bun in one’s hair is a right of passage. Our strength in denying this trend has created a deep connection between us.

3. A devotion to football.

Dwayne Johnson was known for playing football at the University of Miami and later playing professionally for the Calgary Stampeders. Comparably, I myself attended many high school football games since I was the tiger mascot for Imperial High School.

(On top: Dwayne the Rock Johnson, on bottom (as tiger): me)

4. The majority of our families have stuck to a certain “family business”.

While much of Johnson’s family participates in or has a career involving wrestling, much of my family has been known for being local librarians and teachers.

5. Our fathers have similar nicknames.

While my father goes by the name “Steve” which means “victorious” the Rock’s father goes by the name “Rocky” which means “similar to a rock.”

These names share the connection of both being able to describe Dwayne the Rock's personality.

6. We both like to wear waist belts.

Myself and many other women like the way that high-waisted clothing frames the body, making the waist and stomach of the wearer appear less prominent. Johnson must feel the same way because during his wrestling career he was often caught trying to win large, gaudy waist belts.

7. Sometimes we yell.

While watching one of the Rock’s underground films, "Fast And Furious", I noticed that he at one point yelled. I was surprised by this because earlier on in the year while I was sidelined at a Christian summer camp competition, I too yelled.

8. We have both stepped into a gym.

True, I may not have stayed as long as him and I have no proof that I did any exercise in the gym. However, I have definitely at one point maybe entered a gym once.

9. We eat a lot of dessert.

It is said that the Rock once ate 21 brownies on his legendary cheat day. Admittedly, on multiple occasions, I too have been known to eat more than the socially accepted amount of dessert.

10. We have both seen expensive cars.

When I was a young child I attended a car show with my family, introducing me to expensive and elegant cars, many similar to those which the Rock probably saw while filming his previously mentioned film, "Fast And Furious".

11. We are both very stylish.

Like the Rock, on occasion, I have been known to “rock” a chic outfit and strike a pose. The top picture is the Rock, the bottom picture is me (in case you were confused).

If you still don't believe the Rock and I are similar, chances are you didn't actually read this article.

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