16 Things That Happen When You Vacation On Nantucket Every Summer
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16 Things That Happen When You Vacation On Nantucket Every Summer

"Rolling streets, cobblestone streets, the brick mansions of whaling captains"

16 Things That Happen When You Vacation On Nantucket Every Summer

There's no place quite like Nantucket Island. Nantucket is a little island off the coast of Cape Cod -- not to be confused by its more well known and commercial neighbor, Martha's Vineyard. I grew up on Nantucket almost as much as I grew up in my hometown. There's no island with a personality quite like Nantucket, either. Here's a little insight as to what it's like to vacation on the best of islands.

1. You get really defensive of the Island.

It’s your island, I mean you may as well own it at this point. You’re torn between wanting to tell everyone you know about how great it is, but at the same time not wanting to tell anyone and keeping it your little secret.

2. You get way too excited when you see someone wearing a beach permit shirt off island or a car with beach permits.

3. You have told the joke at some point in time “my house is the one with the grey singles and the white trim” to someone who had never been on island before.

4. You have a dream house picked out somewhere on the island that you vow to buy for yourself, someday.

5. Your laptop most definitely has some variation of a Nantucket sticker on it. (insider’s tip: The Hub has some punny ones)

6. You have one bike path you refuse to ride on because of that time when you were six and you skinned your knee and couldn’t wear pants for a week. (not that that ever happened to me…)

7. It’s always the talk of the town when a celebrity is on island.

Kathy Lee Gifford, Tommy Hilfiger, Bill Belichick, John Kerry. That’s just a short list of some of the A-listers that own homes on Nantucket. To this day, I swear that I saw Jason Varitek (former Red Sox catcher) at the airport.

8.You have your favorite restaurant that is always your first meal once the ferry docks.

Whether it’s Something Natural, or a waffle cone from the Juice Bar it’s what gets you through the rockiest of ferry rides.

9. You’ve always wanted to make it to Christmas Stroll or the Daffodil Festival.

You may or may not have, but you always stalk the internet for pictures of them every year when then roll around because odds are you miss the island at that point.

10. Odds are, if any article clothing is made in Murray’s Nantucket reds, you’ve owned it at one point in time.

Overalls, belts, flip flops, hats, bags, ties etc etc

11. Most of your Christmas card pictures have been taken on Nantucket.

Some in front of hydrangeas, others taken on Madaket on sunset. Usually at least someone is in something from Murray’s.

12. You have a favorite beach that you know you can escape to even in the middle of busy tourist season.

It is way too sacred to write in a public forum such as this.

13. You have a Pinterest board full of Nantucket inspired decorations, outfits, beaches.

14. Your parents' birthday and Christmas gifts have something to do with the island every year.

My mom’s birthday present of a gift card to the Steamship Authority was a hit... And also a hint.

15. You’ve considered naming one of your children after some Nantucket landmark, someday.

Madaket, Cisco, Sconset, Grey. The list could go on and on. You pray your spouse is down to be a little original.

16. Reading this makes you more excited than ever to be back in your favorite place in just a few short months.

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