17 Things We Can Imagine Trump Tweeting To Disney Princesses, If They Were Real

17 Things We Can Imagine Trump Tweeting To Disney Princesses, If They Were Real

These are just some of the ridiculous things Trump would say to Disney princesses.


President Donald J. Trump has proven, once again, there will be ignorance and racism in the White House as long as he's President.

Trump returned to his favorite racist slur against Sen. Elizabeth Warren — “Pocahontas” — on a new occasion that had to nothing to do with her. During this meeting with Native American veterans Monday, November 27, Trump insensitively referred to Sen. Warren as “Pocahontas.” AGAIN

The list of unnecessary, ignorant, demeaning, racist, and just plain stupid things Trump has said is so long it would take me days to collect and organize everything— even if I just narrowed it down to tweets.

So, instead of trying to sort through his ethnic slurs and rude remarks, I’ll just call him out for the things he has NOT said. Since he's so fond of Pocahontas, and probably only knows the Disney version of her story, I'm sure he wouldn’t think twice about offending other Disney Princesses if they were real.

So here are 17 things I can practically hear Trump tweeting to Disney Princesses, if they were real:

1. Ariel — The Little Mermaid

2. Alice — Alice In Wonderland

3. Aurora — Sleeping Beauty

4. Belle — Beauty and the Beast

5. Cinderella

6. Elsa — Frozen

7. Esmeralda — Hunchback of Notre-Dame

8. Jasmine — Aladdin

9. Megara — Hercules

10. Mulan

11. Pocahontas

12. Rapunzel

13. Tina — Princess and the Frog

14. Jane — Tarzan

15. Tinker Bell — Peter Pan

16. Snow White

17. Merida — Brave

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