True Love Still Exists In 2018 And My Parents Are Proof
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True Love Still Exists In 2018 And My Parents Are Proof

"I've never realized how lucky I am to have parents who are still happy in their relationship after many years together..."

True Love Still Exists In 2018 And My Parents Are Proof
Victoria Mysholowsky

From a young age most girls, including myself, dream about their wedding day. From the perfect dress to the hair and makeup to the arrangements of flowers to their soon-to-be husband, we dream of it all. Though we've envisioned these perfections, we can't rush into what is true love and what is masked true love.

My parents recently celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary (Silver Anniversary), and I can't not give them recognition on their marriage.

But before I delve into the secrets of their loving marriage, how did their relationship come about? My mom and dad had mutual friends; my dad and his friends were friends with my mom's cousin, My mom, she was friendly with my dad's softball buddies from his softball league. However, my mom and dad never met, until one cold January, Saturday evening. All the friends were arranging to go out. Both my mom and dad were on the fence about going out that night.

My mom wasn't interested in going out that evening, but my grandma persuaded her to go, while my dad's buddies convinced him to go out as well. Sitting on opposite ends of the long rectangular table, with about a dozen friends between them, all enjoyed a meal together, my parents hadn't exchanged many words. Towards the end of the night, my dad approached my mom, they spoke and the rest is history!

After 25 years of marriage, as well as three children later, my parents are still extremely happy together, and that is very hard to find nowadays. I've come to appreciate my parents love for one another, though I do tend to toss a few jokes here and there in regards to their marriage. Not only does my dad still hold the door open for my mom (and me too!), they still exchange hugs, kisses, and hold hands. Sure, I find it "gross" as I walk behind my parents displaying PDA (reasonably). However, I've never realized how lucky I am to have parents who are still happy in their relationship after many years together.

After being together for that long, what are the secrets to a happy, healthy marriage like my parents? I asked my parents what they believed to be the secret behind their marriage and this is what they say are the key elements to a successful marriage:

1. Love

2. Honesty

3. Communication

4. Respect

5. Loyalty/Trust

6. Common values and goals

7. Supportive

8. Considerate

9. Encouraging

10. Kind

11. Compassionate

12. Sense of humor

One day, I pray I am as fortunate to find my soul mate and share my life with that special person as my parents have found in one another.

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