A Summer Wish List of Travels
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A Summer Wish List of Travels

A Cultural Connoisseurs Aspiration

A Summer Wish List of Travels

This is a response to 5 Important Things To Do Before Traveling Abroad.

As a young woman today, my desire and ambition to want to consume this ambiance of local culture seekers and whimsical wanderers outweighs everything else. I want to wander the urban landscape of NYC one more time and have brunch on some skyscraper overlooking the beautiful city. To even consider the scenic strolls in some small town in central United States or become a beach babe on my island adventure in Hawaii. Can I make the most of my life lounging on the poolside for years to come?

My previous travels with family and friends will be fond memories of the past, as I reminisce the past embarkments. Taking those long drives to the Outer Banks or Tennessee where we would stop at gas stations for snacks or bathroom breaks. Going through hours' worth of playlists and naps. And when you finally get to that destination, you realize the relief and relaxation from reality kicks in.

The most recent and most impromptu trip was with my sister. We booked a last-minute Airbnb to New York City and left days later, with little to no preparation. As someone who loves planning things, this trip was so last minute I did not know what to expect. But this trip was so fun I would do a last-minute trip all over again. We drove through a snowstorm and a rainstorm for about nine to ten hours to get to our destination.

Where I want to go and activities I envision myself doing far exceeds the funds I have in my bank account or life expectancy of my car **which could caplunk any moment now**. But could I totally imagine going back to the city of all cities, New York City, again? Yes, for sure! I want to experience the best coffee, best bagel sandwiches, and foods on the eastern coastline. I want to go to the top of the Empire State Building observatory and walk through Central Park.

I want to explore and wander the everchanging landscapes of Europe from Italy to Spain. The cliffs of Ireland and mountains of Switzerland would be such a sight to see. But even here in the United States, New England’s fall sights and small towns would be a nice scenic stroll. I have always valued the dynamic landscapes of national parks, and the history these landscapes can tell. One day, that ambiance of traveling will far exceed the worries of money or cars. I will venture to the ends of the Earth and experience those local cultures and scenic landscapes.

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