5 Things To Add To Your Totally Epic Summer Bucket List
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5 Things To Add To Your Totally Epic Summer Bucket List

Can you really make a summer bucket list as an adult? Yes.

5 Things To Add To Your Totally Epic Summer Bucket List
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This is a response to Looking For The Perfect Summer Playlist?

Although many of us have been done with school for weeks now, the summer solstice and the official start of the summer are almost upon us. Let’s face it, with internships, full-time jobs, volunteering, and summer classes taking up the majority of summer in your twenties you may not have enough time and energy to dedicate to having a fun summer too. As someone who just graduated and is taking a gap summer before I start my job in the fall, trying to motivate myself to avoid staying in my somewhat airconditioned room reading Emily Henry's books all summer is difficult. A TikTok caught my attention the other day, though, asking viewers why we (adults) don’t make epic Judy-Moody-esque summer bucket lists anymore. Emerging adulthood - peak college and postgraduation years - is arguably the best time to explore and have fun as you may not have as many responsibilities as you will have in the future. So if you’re like me and want to spice up your summer, here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Make bracelets and anklets

I know, I know. Your hands are still tired from making friendship bracelets for the Eras Tour. But hear me out, is there anything better than turning on your favorite comfort show and making cute bracelets for you and your besties to wear? Pick out your favorite colors of beads or string and get started! Also, will this be the year that anklets make a comeback? We’ll see.

2. Travel somewhere new

You don’t need to go to another continent to have fun and gain new travel experiences! Even taking a day trip to another city close to you is a great way to explore the world around you. This summer, after years of saving, is going to be my travel summer™, and while I’m excited to go to Japan for the first time, visiting my best friend in Cincinnati and taking a road trip to Chicago was an amazing time too.

3. Be a regular at a weekly event in your community

Would my past self be surprised if you told me that my post-graduation life would consist of going to a local bar’s boozy bingo nights every Wednesday? Probably not. Regardless of whether it’s bingo or a book club, going to a regularly scheduled event with your friends or even alone is a great way to get out, meet new people, and have fun!

4. Change something about your appearance

As someone who has kept the same hairstyle for the past five years, I’m truly a creature of habit. But summer is the time to try new things, whether it’s getting the tattoo that you’ve always wanted, trying out a new style, or doing your makeup in a way that you haven’t before. The opportunities are endless, take time to think about what your authentic self looks like and go from there!

5. Reconnect with your loved ones

For me, coming back home and being with my family and friends from high school was one the best parts of my summers between semesters. Outside of your other commitments, be sure to make time for the people you love this summer! This can range from having a meal with them to having a movie marathon, anything that you’ve been looking forward to. If your loved ones are spread across the globe like mine are, be sure to show your love and appreciation for them during this season of fun!

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