Some people take Halloween a lot more seriously than others. Here are the Halloween costumes that are gaining the most attention this year!

1. Colton Hayne's "Miss Piggy"

This celebrity is very committed to this holiday, and he did not let the people down.In the past, he has dressed as Ursula and Princess Fiona.

2. Ken Bone

The man made famous from the Election of 2016 debates made an appearance this Halloween.

3. Harley Quinn

People expected this costume this year, so when the world was flooded with Harley Quinn and the Joker on October 31st, no one was surprised.

4. Harambe

Once again, this costume was expected, but that doesn't make it any less amusing.

5. The Purge

As a costume that works for singles, couples, or groups, The Purge was a popular theme this year.

6. The "Basic Girl" Costume

Starbucks is a girl’s best friend? Well, now it's her best friend AND her costume.

7. Pokemon

After the explosion of the game “Pokemon Go”, everyone saw this one coming.

8. Sexy Cats, Bunnies, Mice, etc.

Looks like people are continuing to be revealing animals for Halloween; it never gets old.

9. Grease

Whether its a group or a couple, Grease is a reoccurring Halloween costume each year, and for the right reasons!

10. Clowns

This is a risky costume due to recent clown attacks. Regardless of the risk of death (people were hunting clowns down), many people chose to dress as killer clowns this Halloween.

Halloween is a very fun time of year. Even though some people don't create their own costumes, the reoccurring Halloween costumes are popular for a reason. The spooky holiday has become a very humorous one as well, and for that, we are grateful.