To The Girl Who Will Marry My Brother
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To The Girl Who Will Marry My Brother

You are one lucky woman.


To the girl who will marry my brother,

You are the second luckiest woman, of course, other than me.

I had the good fortune of growing up with a supportive, kind soul each an every day. From the moment my younger brother was born, he cared for me like no other. His compassion and kindness could not go unnoticed. He has been supportive, even at times I did not deserve it. He is a protector even though he is 3 years younger than me.

He is driven to work hard and become successful. He is patient, almost too much at times. He is intelligent and wise. He is loving and comforting. He is strong and weak. He is awesome.

My brother can talk to any adult in a professional way on any given day or time. My brother can find the good in the worst people in this world. My brother can help a stranger out without even taking care of himself first.

My brother is amazing. And yes, you have the good fortune of being his other half.

As my brother approaches graduating high school, thoughts always ponder in my mind. Years have now passed since childhood, years of unknown events lay in front of us, and years are passing by so fast. I look back on our childhood and realize I am blessed to have such an incredible human being by my side.

I hope you are just as blessed as me. I hope you know you are spending your life with the most amazing person in the world. You should know that he likes music. He likes sports. He likes playing the guitar. He can quote any line from just about any movie. He can teach you about the stock market. He likes animals. He is determined.

But what I want you to really know is that you are marrying the best husband and future father you could ever hope for. The person you are choosing to marry is my best friend. He is going to take care of you, but I need you to take care of him. I need you to support him, love him, encourage him, and make him laugh.

Be his best friend.

I need you to love him as much as I love him. I know if he loves you, I will love you. I just know he deserves it. Treat him well.


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