Time For March MATness

Time For March MATness


It's March.

March means the end of the college wrestling season. Which means my friends finally get a break from listening to me talk about it for about six months, even though I probably won't.

For most people, March means some crazy basketball games. For me, it means conference and NCAA Championships. It's yelling over text to one of my fellow managers when a match isn't going well. Or in the case of this year, it will be me yelling in person at NCAA's.

I never understood the hype about basketball. Sure, there are upsets and close games, but every sport is like that. The only sport I know of where there are four different ways to win is wrestling. There are decisions, majors, technical falls, and pins. Each of these also gets you a different amount of team points. There are dual matches that are decided by the last guy getting a major or not.

That's the other thing that makes March wrestling so exciting. There are so many things that can go wrong. One failed move can lose a guy a match. I've seen plenty of times where the two NCAA finalists aren't the first two seeds. Like basketball, these bracket busters are fun to watch, and they set the tone for just how unpredictable a tournament will be.

It's the end of the season, which means everyone who steps on the mat is looking for the top of the podium. People can speculate all they want, but they've been wrong before and might be wrong again. The only thing for sure is that wrestling fans are about to have a fun time in Cleveland this March.

Cover Image Credit: Samantha Tremblay

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25 Things That Seemed Likelier Than UMBC Beating UVA in March Madness

If UMBC could beat UVA, anything is possible in this world.

Perhaps one of the greatest upsets in sports history, #16 seeded UMBC's basketball team slaughtered #1 seed, University of Virginia, 74-54. This surprising outcome left many fans in shock and set many March Madness brackets to flames. No sports experts or self-proclaimed "bracketologists" could have ever predicted UVA's loss. In fact, there are many unlikely occurrences that probably would be less surprising than UMBC's victory in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Here are 25 things that seemed more likely than the outcome of this game:

1. Somebody would discover alien civilization on a foreign planet.

2. 9+10 would be mathematically proven to add up to 21.

3. Dinosaurs would recolonize the Earth.

4. Spongebob would pass his driver's test.

5. Fergie would be asked to sing the National Anthem at another sporting event.

6. The Bubonic Plague would arise again.

7. Donald Trump would have already finished his wall along the Mexican-American border.

8. Someone would come up with an explanation for the disappearance of ships and aircrafts in the Bermuda Triangle.

9. William Hung would win American Idol.

10. The planet would withstand another Ice Age.

11. People would actually like the new Snapchat update.

12. Somebody would provide hard proof that Ted Cruz actually is the Zodiac Killer.

13. The world would achieve consensus about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

14. Food companies would start using Tide pods as a key ingredient.

15. Another MLB team would surpass the New York Yankees in World Series wins.

16. Someone would prove that switching to Geico actually won't make you save 15% or more on car insurance.

17. Kim Kardashian would divorce Kanye West to get back together with Kris Humphries.

18. Humans would begin to live on Mars.

19. We would all achieve perfect world peace.

20. E would be demonstrated to not actually equal mc^2.

21. Apple would go out of business.

22. Sarah Palin would actually be able to point out the Russian coast from her backyard.

23. An album would outsell Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

24. Somebody would finally figure out the meaning of life.

25. The Apocalypse

So, basically, anything.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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12 Undefeated Signs You're The 'Mom' Of Your Friend Group, Time And Time Again

To the girls who keep their friends from crumbling.

Every friend group has (and NEEDS) a designated “mom.”

Don’t know who it is in your group? Well, if you love organizing and stationary, giving advice, and snacks, it’s probably you. But have no fear! The designated mom is essential to keep the group together (and alive).

So, here are 12 signs that you may be the mom of your friend group:

1. You're always early.

You have a busy schedule! As the designated mom, if I say I’m picking you up at 4, I’m outside of your house at 3:45 LATEST.

2. You always have a full car.

You are always designated driver, you always have your friends screaming in the backseat, and you’re fine with it. Bonus points if you keep snacks in the car.

3. You're the go-to for advice.

You put a genuine thought in all the advice you give, you're real with your friends, and your advice is usually what will benefit them in the long run (even if it's not always what they want to hear).

4. You always have the things your friends need in your purse.

Tissues? Check. Pen? Check. Advil? Check. Snacks? Check.

5. You send out reminders.

Whether it’s reminding your friends that they have a test tomorrow or that their parents’ wedding anniversary is Thursday, you’ve done it. Your friends would be lost without you.

6. You drive your friends home from a party or event, even if you weren’t there.

There is no way you will leave your friends without a ride, even if that means leaving your bed to pick them up.

7. You always make sure your friends are well fed.

The second you see your friends, you make sure they ate dinner, ask if they need a snack, and supply them with food if needed.

8. Your friends’ safety is your #1 priority.

You definitely make sure they are all wearing seatbelts, they’re putting themselves in safe situations, and you may have even “mom-armed” them a few times.

9. You’re the mediator.

If two of your friends are fighting, you will make them sit down and talk it out. You will not rest until the problem is resolved.

10. You call people pet names like "honey" or "sweetie."

If these pet names are your go-to, you're part of an elite club that consists of mothers, gay best friends, and the sweet woman that lives next door (and me).

11. You have a planner (and actually use it).

How else are you supposed to remember all of your friends' events?

12. Your friends call you “mom.”

Easy enough… If your friends refer to you as “mom”, you are the designated mother.

Cover Image Credit: Bich Tran - pexels.com

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