Time For March MATness

Time For March MATness


It's March.

March means the end of the college wrestling season. Which means my friends finally get a break from listening to me talk about it for about six months, even though I probably won't.

For most people, March means some crazy basketball games. For me, it means conference and NCAA Championships. It's yelling over text to one of my fellow managers when a match isn't going well. Or in the case of this year, it will be me yelling in person at NCAA's.

I never understood the hype about basketball. Sure, there are upsets and close games, but every sport is like that. The only sport I know of where there are four different ways to win is wrestling. There are decisions, majors, technical falls, and pins. Each of these also gets you a different amount of team points. There are dual matches that are decided by the last guy getting a major or not.

That's the other thing that makes March wrestling so exciting. There are so many things that can go wrong. One failed move can lose a guy a match. I've seen plenty of times where the two NCAA finalists aren't the first two seeds. Like basketball, these bracket busters are fun to watch, and they set the tone for just how unpredictable a tournament will be.

It's the end of the season, which means everyone who steps on the mat is looking for the top of the podium. People can speculate all they want, but they've been wrong before and might be wrong again. The only thing for sure is that wrestling fans are about to have a fun time in Cleveland this March.

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