Pros And Cons Of The Top 7 Music Festivals This Summer
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The Pros And Cons Of The Top 7 Music Festivals Happening This Summer

Who you should see and why you need to be at #1

The Pros And Cons Of The Top 7 Music Festivals Happening This Summer
Mac Veh

Spring break is over which means people all over the country need to find another excuse to spend huge amounts of money. That's right, it's MUSIC FESTIVAL SEASON!

When the sun stays up longer and the weather starts the change, the summer of music starts in April and lasts until August and September. While they are all slowly turning into the same festival in different locations because the lineups are almost identical, there are still certain things that will make one festival better than the others.

7. Coachella [April 12-14 & 19-21]

I'm not going to lie, I - along with everyone else in the country - have thought about risking wasting all of my money and taking a trip to Coachella. The idea that there is a music festival that encourages people to dress with no limitations and no consequences is intriguing and draws people from all walks of life to the Coachella grounds.

BUT, if you have any presence on social media, what you wear to Coachella will be judged to the very extreme. All tea and shade aside, Coachella looks like a great time, and it gives people the opportunity to be creative and see some of the most influential musicians of our generation.


Good lineup, a haven for new fashion, you can say that you've been to Coachella, you might see a celebrity


It's SO expensive, traveling is a pain, it really isn't all that special, you'll come home and realize you're poor

6. Lollapalooza [August 1-4]

Ahh yes, Lollapalooza. Some would call it the "Coachella's Midwestern Cousin." There have been countless amounts of positive connotations that are connected with Lollapalooza, but some aren't true.

This year, Lollapalooza has released possibly one of the WORST lineups in Lolla history. Don't get me wrong, I love Ariana Grande, but this is seriously so sad. I'll give them the fact that they got two major headliners, but TwentyOne Pilots hasn't been relevant since we were all in middle school.

This year's Lolla is going to be won by the smaller artists like Lizzo, Maggie Rogers, and King Princess, who will make your experience good and memorable. Honestly, I might still make an appearance there (I know I'm a hypocrite) and I'll let you all know how it goes.


It's close in distance, you'll definitely run into someone you know, learn new artists, see your favorite artist


Pretty much the same issues as Coachella, bad headliners, unnecessarily expensive, turning into all electronic music

5. The Governors Ball [May 31-June 2]

For starters, this is the best lineup we have seen so far on this list. I think the reason this festival is so popular is that it's in New York City, which will draw more of a crowd than a smaller town in the middle of nowhere (duh).

Honestly, I don't know a lot about this music festival, but I do know a good amount about New York, and I can't even begin to imagine what this weekend is like. Food, water, and everything else are probably so incredibly overpriced, more than normal, just because it's in New York. I do have to say that I'm pretty sure tickets are cheaper than Coachella, and the lineup would definitely be worth the $500 you would probably pay.


Good lineup, fun location, more unique than Lolla or Coachella


Expensive af, traveling there might be difficult, housing will be $$

4. Bonnaroo [June 13-16]

So, from what I've heard, Bonnaroo is the music festival you go to when you're "too edgy and hipster for Coachella," but it's basically an identical lineup.

This four-day festival is loaded with artists of all genres and ages, but they're spread out enough that you would have to go for all four days. Bonnaroo does, however, have more of a unique group of smaller artists, giving more artists the opportunity to grow as an artist and gain more of a following. It's a stepping stone for smaller artists to get big. I would actually recommend Bonnaroo, even though I haven't been to one, but there's always time to try new things.


Unique lineup, not as expensive, four days


Middle of nowhere, camping can be gross; I take it back, camping IS gross

3. MO POP [July 27-28]

While it's the smallest of the seven music festivals, MO POP is the crown jewel in the crown of festivals. For being only two days, and comparatively smaller than the other festivals, the lineup is killer.

Huge names like Tame Impala and Ella Mai will bring people from all over to come to Detroit. In all honesty, the lineup is stacked. For how small it is, there is an amazing group of performers, including Lizzo and Kali Uchis. I actually can't wait to go.


Smaller and less crowded, amazing lineup, close in proximity


Only two days, Detroit isn't the best place, it's a weird distance where you don't know if you should get an Airbnb or hotel or just stay home and make the commute

2. Firefly [June 14-17]

So, comparing Firefly and Bonnaroo, because they're roughly the same dates, Firefly wins. The four-day music festival is made up of popular artists from all genres. With headliners like Kendrick Lamar, The Killers, Alt-J, and Martin Garrix, there is seriously something for everyone. I had a friend go to Firefly one year while we were in high school, and she said that she didn't feel scared or worried about being there alone, so that's good.

Also, has anyone noticed that Lizzo is on almost all of these lists? An icon.


It's in Delaware (that's cool and unique), killer lineup, variety of music genres


Traveling could get expensive, camping is gross (I reiterate), the lineup is big enough that there will be overlap and you'll have to miss performances

1. Woodstock 50 [August 16-18]


I am honestly so excited about this, and I am prepared to do anything and everything to get me into these festival grounds. Not only is the lineup full of iconic and powerful musical artists, but the whole idea based around the music festival is one for all.

You can't sit there, listening to Miley Cyrus or Brandi Carlile, and say that you don't support saving the world, or promoting peace. The entirety of the festival is based around the most "good vibes" ever, and there's no way you can't love that.


It's literally Woodstock are you kidding me??? Incredible lineup, also, think about the MERCH!!!!


It's going to be busy, unsure about ticket pricing, lodging/housing will be difficult

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