Everything That Needs To Happen in Princess Diaries 3
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Now Introducing The 10 Things That Need To Be Included In 'Princess Diaries 3' To Make Fans Say 'Shut Up'

Hey Anne Hathaway, the fans want it to be perfect too!


If you have not already heard, Anne Hathaway confirmed there's a script for 'Princess Diaries 3'


Mind you, it's been 15 years since we last saw Princess Mia on the big screen but that hasn't stopped any girl from dreaming about being told she's secretly expected to inherit an entire country. Many have waited 15 years for the news to finally come and Anne Hathaway just delivered it.

Anne Hathaway Dishes On A 'Princess Diaries 3' | WWHL www.youtube.com

Now, this isn't the first time news like this broke out about the third movie.

Prior to 2016, there were rumors about a third movie being in the works which were silenced when the director, Garry Marshall, died before anything could be set in stone. It's only fair that everyone wants the script to be perfect as a tribute to Garry Marshall.

So here's how the masterminds behind this operation can do just that.

Here's everything the fans need for the script to be perfect!

1. Fat Louis's whereabouts. 


Is Fat Louis still living large in the castle?

2. Lilly Moscovitz on her own TV Show and still being best friends with Mia.


She wasn't perfect, but Lilly deserves to have her name known for something other than the Queen's best friend... as long as she's still the Queen's best friend.

3. Tell us what happened to Michael and his band.


Why aren't they together? Is his band successful? These are things we need!

4. Mandy Moore's Lana Thomas redemption story.


It happened in the books, can it happen in the movies? We honestly just want Mandy Moore back so if the story is too much for the script, have her cameo.

5. Clarisse and Joe living their best lives.


The love story that surprised no one at all! We need more of it.

6. Make sure it's actually about Princess/Queen Mia please.


We don't want the third movie to be some companion movie to the series. We want a continuation of Mia Thermopolis's story even if it's 15 years later.

7. Mia and Nicholas


While they looked happy at the end of the last movie, do we really even know if they wind up together? We need closure. As long as it means they're living happily married with a prince and princess around. Thank you!

8. Chris Pine in the movie.


Even if they're not together, can he please just cameo...in every scene?

9. Perfect one liners that bring wisdom to everyone!


Who else needed to hear Joe say this to them?

10. Mia Thermopolis, Queen of Genovia ruling her country with the grace of Clarisse but with the heart of the quirky, down-to-earth girl we know and love.


She may no longer be a teenager, but she's got to still have the quirky personality we all could relate to.

Since 2000, Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries series has remained a young adult must read, but we all know that the films don't follow the story that closely so whatever the script entails is entirely up in the air!

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