The Mystery Of Rebecca Coriam's Disappearance
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The Mystery Of Rebecca Coriam's Disappearance

Murder in The Happiest Place On Earth?

The Mystery Of Rebecca Coriam's Disappearance
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In 2011, a twenty-four-year-old British woman named Rebecca Coriam went missing. She was a children's minder on the Disney Wonder Cruise ship. Coriam supposedly fell overboard while the cruise ship was near Mexico and her body was never found. Her disappearance case is still open, with her family determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

According to the BBC , police officers from the Bahamas investigated the case since the Disney Wonder was registered there, which means it's out of the United Kingdom's jurisdiction. However, it is possible for all crimes at sea that involve United Kingdom citizens to be investigated by their own authorities. Unfortunately, it is now being said that investigators believe Coriam to have been pushed overboard and murdered. A proper investigation on her disappearance was not done. Apparently, the British authorities were being given instructions to keep all information regarding the tragedy completely classified from the press, as well as the Coriam family.

One of the greater mysteries is that there were transactions made on Coriam's credit card after she went missing. There is no further information regarding this incident.

Chris Matheson, Labour MP, believes there is something wrong about the case and that it seems very suspicious. He believes there is sufficient evidence to prove the high possibility that a serious crime took place. He thinks a case should remain open and be examined thoroughly until a conclusion can be drawn.

Mike Coriam, Rebecca's father, is livid about the situation and the fact that information was not disclosed to him and his family after the Bahamian and British authorities discovered information. They have not been able to hold a proper funeral for Rebecca as her body has not been found, and this is highly disturbing for her family.

According to John Prescott, a former ship steward, the most unsettling part of the disappearance is the "conspiracy of silence" regarding the case and the fact that the United Kingdom is not doing more to determine what happened to one of their own.

After Rebecca vanished, the entire crew searched the ship for her and were unsuccessful in their findings. The United States Coast Guard, as well as the Mexican Navy, also held searches that were not successful. The Cheshire Police said they had done everything in their ability to help and provide support and comfort to her family. But the Coriam's and others seem to think otherwise.

The results for this case are, unfortunately, still unknown. Hopefully the truth to Rebecca Coriam's disappearance will be uncovered soon and her family can cope in peace with the findings.

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