The ABCs Of The University Of Georgia
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Student Life

The ABCs Of The University Of Georgia

Glory, glory to ole' Georgia

The ABCs Of The University Of Georgia
Kathryn Kostovetsky

The University of Georgia is home to many exciting sites and traditions. Walk through a few of the numerous ones with this alphabetical list. Go dawgs!

A is for the Arch

The Arch is the front-figure at the entrance to North Campus. Constructed in the 1850s, the three pillars represent wisdom, justice, and moderation. Make sure to always walk around it though, per UGA tradition it's bad luck to walk under it before graduation.

B is for Bolton Dining Commons

The UGA Dining Commons serve approximately 30,000 meals a day. The largest dining hall on campus is Bolton, which recently underwent it's renovation from "Old Bolton" to "New Bolton" in 2014. It has also been called "Revoltin' Bolton" by alumni.

C is for the Chapel Bell

Located behind the historic UGA Chapel, the Chapel Bell is one of the happiest spots on campus. Unless construction is being done, the bell is always available to be rung. It has become tradition to ring the bell to celebrate success, whether that be an A on a test, an engagement, or simply a pretty day outside. It doesn't come as a surprise that on the day of a Dawg win the bell is rung until the wee hours of the morning.

D is for the Dawg Walk

This loud and exciting UGA Tradition takes place two hours before every home game. The Redcoat Marching Band, the cheerleaders, the flagline, the Georgettes, and hundreds of fans line a path for the football team to enter the stadium through. The first Dawg Walk took place in 2001 under former head-football coach Mark Richt.

E is for eLearningCommons

More often known as ELC, the online system can be both a student's friend and foe. It's a place where grades and announcements are posted, therefore it can bear both good news and bad. If you have to take a quiz on it, make sure to take it with time to spare in case the site goes down.

F is for the Fountain

Located on the historical Herty Field, Herty Fountain is one of the prettiest sights on campus. Whether you're studying on the grass beside it or celebrating an achievement by jumping in it (after ringing the Chapel Bell), the Fountain is sure to have a place in your journey at UGA.

G is for Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Grady is just one of the prestigious colleges within the University of Georgia, other notable schools include the Terry College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Engineering, and then some.

H is for Hairy Dawg

According to Forbes, Hairy Dawg is the 3rd best mascot in America. He was first debuted in 1981 at the Sugar Bowl against Penn State. UGA won, and Hairy Dawg became a permanent part of the team. He can be found at almost all home sporting events and at various events on campus.

I is for the Iron Horse

Located in Oconee County, the iron sculpture is a popular attraction for locals and UGA students; it was created by Abbott Pattison. Originally, the horse was located on campus in the 1950s, but was constantly getting vandalized by students. In the late 50s, a horticulture professor moved it to his farm, where it still stands today.

J is for Jaywalking

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]As in, something you don't want to do because of the risk of getting $200 ticket. Seriously it happens, just walk the extra half block to the crosswalk.

K is for Kirby Smart

Kirby Smart is a 1999 UGA graduate and was a defensive back on the football team. He recently received a warm-welcome back to campus as the new head football coach. Smart is known for his energy and passion on the field.

L is for Late Night Studying (& Snacking)

Whether you're posted up in the MLC, the Science Library, or the basement of Snelling, there will be a night or two that you'll be awake until the ungodly hours of the night preparing for a test. Luckily for you, there's plenty of late-night food options to go along with that.

M is for the Miller Learning Center

The MLC is the largest building on campus and is home to classrooms, study spaces, and even "fit-desks." It's open 24 hours a day during the school year, so it's a popular spot for study all-nighters. It's usually eerily quiet, except during class changes!

N is for Ninety

As in, the amount of bars downtown Athens supposedly has. In actuality, when restaurants are included the number is above that, excluding them it's slightly below. Either way, there's plenty to do in Downtown Athens!

O is for Organic Chemistry

Some would argue that O-Chem is the hardest core class at UGA. God bless y'all that have to take it for your majors. (Don't worry, you can do it!)

P is for Philanthropy

The University of Georgia is home to many student-run philanthropies that raise money and spread awareness, UGA Miracle, UGA HEROs, Relay for Life, Camp Kesem, CURE@UGA, and AutismUGA are just a few examples.

Q is for Que

Also known as Uga X, Que is the latest inhabitant of the dawg house in Sanford. He can be found in between the hedges holding down the sidelines. He was preceded by his uncle, Russ (also known as Uga IX).

R is for Russell, Brumby and Creswell

The freshmen high-rises stand tall on West Campus. The three buildings are home to slightly under 3,000 freshmen every year. A year living in them is sure to be full of fire drills, colds (also known as the Creswell Cough), and incredible memories with new friends.

S is for Mrs. Sandra

A trip to Snelling isn't complete without a smile and a hug from Mrs. Sandra, the unofficial greeter of the dining commons. The sweet spirit of many of the dining hall employees is sure to brighten your day.

T is for the Tate Student Center

Named after Dean William Tate, the Tate Student Center is the centrally located hub for student activity. With meeting spaces, study rooms, and dining options such as Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express, and Starbucks, it's no surprise that it's constantly filled with students and visitors. Be sure to be prepared to be handed flyers and the occasional free slice of pizza while walking through the adjacent Tate Plaza.

U is for Uga

The Frank W. "Sonny" Seiler family of Savannah, Georgia are the owners of the line of pure English bulldogs that have represented the football team since 1956. Uga (pronounced uh-ga) resides in his air-conditioned doghouse on the football field during the games. The mascots that have passed are buried inside of the stadium in the southwest corner; flowers are placed on the memorials before every game.

V is for Vince Dooley

Vince Dooley was the head football coach from 1964-1988, and served as the athletic director until 2004. He is now retired but is still very involved in the athletic programs, you may even see him on campus.

W is for a Win in Sanford

A Saturday in sold-out Sanford Stadium is an experience like no other. The 92,746 silver seats are completely hidden beneath crowds decked out in red and black ready to cheer on the Dawgs. The sunburns and pools of sweat are completely worth it to watch them play, and even more so when they win.

X is for Xylophone

As in, one of the many instruments that the Redcoats play. The impressive Redcoat Marching Band helps provide the hype inside Sanford Stadium on Saturdays with their energetic routines and perfectly-timed melodies.

Y is for Your Home Away From Home

"Understanding that there is no tradition more worthy of envy. No institution worthy of such loyalty as the University of Georgia. As we prepare for another meeting between the hedges let all the Bulldog faithful rally behind the men who now wear the red and black with two words. Two simple words that express the sentiments of the entire Bulldog Nation…GO DAWGS!” - Larry Munson

Z is for Zoo

The Bear Hollow Zoo rests on 225 acres of a wildlife trail. It's home to animals that have gone through physical challenges that prevent them from surviving in the wild, so therefore they serve as an ambassador to their species under the care of the zoo.

These are just a few aspects that make the University of Georgia a special place that you can call home.

Check out the Auburn ABCs that inspired this article here.

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