10 Words Only Ole Miss Students Or Fans Understand
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10 Words Only Ole Miss Students Or Fans Understand

No, we're not talking about the drink when we say "Hotty Toddy"

10 Words Only Ole Miss Students Or Fans Understand

Before coming to college, I thought I had a pretty broad vocabulary. I knew meanings to most words and what not, but once I came to Ole Miss, I found myself learning a new list of words to add to my vocabulary. Some of these words probably won't make sense to people who don't go here, and it makes it all the more special. So here are a few things only Ole Miss students say:

1. C-Store/POD:

The C-Store and POD is where you will find most freshman on campus. Trust me, if you're thinking a POD you're probably thinking it's a weird future pod that people can live in, but it's not. And when one pictures the thought of a C-Store they might think of a gas station, but oh no. It's basically our Walmart in the bottom of our dorm. They carry everything from nail-polish, Papa Johns Pizza, frozen foods, milkshakes and to condoms. It's really heaven on earth. The C-Store in Martin Dorm lets you order fries, hamburgers, grilled cheese and much more.

2. Swayze Crazy:

No, I'm not talking about being crazy for Patrick Swayze, ladies. Swayze is our beloved Baseball stadium that we pack and fill up every Spring Semester here in Oxford. Swayze field is named after Tom Swayze, who was the Rebel baseball head coach from 1951-1971 and led the team to numerous baseball championships. I can't tell you how many people have named their dog Swayze because of him and the stadium. (oh, and you cant forget the beer showers every time the Rebs make a home run.)

3. SNU:

This is something that I thought other universities that have Greek Life call their Sigma Nu chapters, but after visiting friends, I've learned it's just here at Ole Miss.

4. Safe Ride:

One special thing we have on campus is Safe Ride. Safe Ride is a bus service that runs from in front of Crosby Hall to the square and the fraternities for free. It runs Thursday- Saturday night. It was started to stop drinking and driving. So if you hear someone say they're taking Safe Ride or they're waiting on Safe Ride, that's it.

5. The Library:

To all the parents out there: if your child says they're at the Library, don't just think they're getting their studying on an being a good student. We have a bar here in Oxford called "The Library" that is popular for Ole Miss students. So next time you try to call your kids and they don't answer and it's because they say they're at the Library, you might want to rethink it.

6. Chicken on a stick:

Before you go and start to judge this just by hearing the name, try it first. Chicken on a stick is a lot better then you probably think it is. If you're at the Square and are looking for something to eat, run by the Chevron and get you a some chicken on a stick.

7. HYDR:

HYDR? Hell Yeah Damn Right! HYDR starts in the opening of our fight song that we sing at sporting events and just whenever we're in the Ole Miss spirit.

8. SZN: Not to be confused with "SNU", szn is just a shorter word for "season." A way to poke fun at parents is to just spell it out as "szn" instead of season. Ex: formal szn, spring party szn.

9. Crusty Cros:

Dorothy H Crosby Hall, otherwise known as Crusty Cros. Cros was ratchet, gross & really disgusting (bathrooms were the grossest, lights always went out, you could always count on a lady bug and an ant invasion to your room). But it was also home to over 700 of us girls freshman year and many of us will always hold the memories of crusty cros close to our heart.

10. The Tad Pad:
The Tad Smith Coliseum first opened up in 1966 and was home to the Rebel Men and Women's Basketball teams until it closed in 2015 and the Pavilion was built. Over time, the coliseum just took on the nickname "The Tad Pad."

So now that you've read this you're basically a local. Time to head to Ox and understand/comprehend our language! Hotty Toddy my friends.

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