Thank You, To My Freshman Roommate
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Student Life

Thank You, To My Freshman Roommate

For the good times and the bad, you taught me a lot.

Thank You, To My Freshman Roommate

As the semester comes to an end we all are going to be moving out and moving on; however, before that happens let's take a minute to appreciate our roommates and all of what we have gone through together. Living with another person is extremely hard to do, and you aren't always going to get along. I was lucky enough to have roomed with my best friend at the time my freshman year. Since then we have gone our separate ways but you will always be my first real roommate in college. There are a lot of memories from this first year at college that I have to thank you for and I hope this does it justice. This is for all the roommates out there, for all we have gone through together. Even though it is better that we are going our separate ways; before that happens I just want to say thank you, thank you for all the memories and all of the life lessons that I will never forget.

1. For our late night gossip sessions

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I'm going to miss coming back from the parties and gossiping about all the events from the night. I will always remember those times laughing and talking about everything while sitting on the floor snacking on in n out. There was always some drama for us to talk about until the early hours of the morning. I'm going to miss those talks, without them I don't know how I'm going to keep track of all the drama and craziness of college.

2. For always going with me to get food

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I don't know anyone who likes sitting in a restaurant eating by themselves, so thank you for always accompanying me. No matter if it was us making a quick run to the dreaded dining commons, going grocery shopping, or walking to in n out; thank you for always being my breakfast, lunch, and dinner date.

3. For being messy too

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Anyone who knows us knows our room wasn't always exactly the cleanest, but we were both equally messy so it was okay. Keeping such a small room clean when we both have so much clothes is hard, so thanks for doing the best you could with what we had. Even though it didn't happen as often as we would have liked, whenever we cleaned it just surprised us how much room we actually had without both our clothes all over the floor.

4. The movie nights

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Sometimes we both just didn't feel like leaving the room, and that of course led to roomie move night. Sometimes it was so nice to just not have to socialize with everyone, and just hangout and watch a movie. I'll miss drinking hot coco and watching chick flicks together. So thanks for forgetting about all our responsibilities together for a little while.

5. Taking care of me when I was sick

Being sick in college is the worst; you don't have your family there to take care of you and your professors don't really care if you're sick or not, they still expect you in class. So thank you for bringing me soup and ginger ale when I got sick, it meant a lot! We both had times this year when one of us wasn't feeling the best, cause let's be honest once one person in the dorm gets sick then we are all likely about to get sick too.

6. Being my live-in therapist

The first year of college can be stressful, and I am so thankful that I had you there to help me through it. From breakups, to horrible teachers we could always count on each other to give great advice and make it all seem not so horrible. Living together means that you see each other at your best times and your worst times, thank you for helping me through those bad times.

7. Sharing closets

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With so many different events to attend, half the time it seems like I have nothing to wear that I haven't worn a thousand times before. So thank you for all the times we swapped clothes for meeting, or for some party. I am going to miss being able to borrow a sundress or a pair of heels when none of mine seem to be good enough.

8. Wine nights

It seems we often times this year we found an occasion for wine nights. Sometimes we just needed to hangout in the room and vent with a glass of wine in our hands. Other times we just needed to have a girls night watching chick flicks and sipping pink Moscato. So thank you for always being down for wine nights.

9. Crafting with me

Both of us going through sororities at the same time meant both of us making gifts for our bigs at the same time, and any other craft we could come up with. Our carpet will permanently have that paint from the fraternity coolers I made, or the costumes we made before parties. The housing office isn't going to think so, but I like to think of it as our lasting mark on the room.

10. Our shopping trips

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It seemed there was always something we had to run to the mall to get: a new pair of shoes, a dress for formal, fake eyelashes, or even just a quick trip to get ice cream. Thanks for always being my shopping partner that first semester of college.

11. For teaching me

We weren't always the best roommate or the best friends to each other, but I think we both learned a lot from it. Thank you for all the life lessons, and for everything you taught me. You taught me everything from what the best foundation to use is, to how to be a better friend and roommate. I will always remember everything you taught me, and i'm forever grateful.

12. Letting me in the room when I forgot my key

This happened to us too many times to count, one of us would leave without our key card and lock ourselves out. It's hard to remember everything you need when you're running late for class, and the key is so small its easily lost. So thank you for always being there to let me back in the room whenever I stupidly forgot my key.

13. For the times getting ready together

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Countless hours were spent together doing our hair and makeup to perfection, and you always made it so much more fun to get ready for the day just by hanging out. I'll always cherish our dance parties as we got ready, or the times laughing as we glued rhinestones onto our faces for some themed party. Thank you for blasting music and singing with me as we got ready for the day, you made getting ready for the day a lot more fun.

14. For being late to everything with me

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We were so bad at being on time anywhere, I can remember us trying to run in heels to recruitment because we were about to be late. However, no matter how late we were, we always seemed to stop and take a picture or snapchat.

15. For keeping me sane

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Sometimes trying to balance everything in our lives gets a little too stressful, and you kept me sane during those times. It was all the dumbest things that drove us insane: from our suitemates refusing to clean the bathroom, to the loud neighbors next door, we kept each other sane through it all.

16. For helping me pick out the perfect outfit

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You were always there to help me pick out the perfect first date outfit, or the cutest party attire. Thank you for always giving me that boost of confidence, and assuring me that my outfit was on point before leaving for that first date. From what to wear to class, to the perfect dress for formal you were always there to give your advice and make sure I always looked my best.

17. For all the stupid stuff we did together

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We have way too many inside jokes and funny memories that no one else will understand, and i'm going to sincerely miss them. We may have been clueless a lot of this past semester but at least we were clueless together. If one of us had a stupid idea, it was likely the other one was in on it too. You were my partner in crime this first year, and I will always remember all our stupid adventures. To everyone else we looked insane, but to us i'm sure it made perfect sense.

18. Most of all thank you for being my first best friend in college

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Moving to a new place where you don't know anyone can be super scary, and you made that so much easier. You were the first person in college I felt I could really trust, the first person I told everything to, the first person I shared all my memories from that time with. You will always be a large part of my first year in college, and I will always hold these memories close to my heart. We may not be best friends anymore and that's for the best, but thank you for being my first friend here. I wish you the best of luck in everything in your future, I will always remember the times we shared and you will forever be my freshman year roommate and my first best friend in college. So for all of that, thank you.
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