A Thank You To My Ex: Part 2
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A Thank You To My Ex, His Family And His Friends

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a better me because of you.


My very first Odyssey article was, "A Thank You To My Ex," and a ton of people loved it and could relate to it. Of course there was a group of haters, and I bet you could guess who....that didn't like it. But that was to be expected because they couldn't see my point of view and refused to try to see my point of view, and I'm expecting the same with this article too.

It may seem silly that I'm writing another article about my ex boyfriend, but I have more to thank him for.

Thank you once again for treating me like complete crap. Thank you for not comforting me when I was stressed with school, work, or just had anxiety about life in general. Thank you for not giving me what I gave to you. All those times that I had to go see you, all those times I left my friends and family for your, all those times that I helped you with you hard times and dumb decisions.

Thank you to you, your family and your friends, for posting all about me and my article on your social media pages, calling them "fake news", saying that I'm a b*****, calling me a tool, saying I was raised by feral animals, and this that and the other.

Thank you guys, for saying that you’re going to be more successful than I am, and that I can’t write. Meanwhile, I am getting A’s and B’s in my classes. I got an A in both my college writing and college English class. A bunch of professors, those two, leave comments on my papers and case study’s saying that I can write well. One of my professor’s is a published author, and he comment on my paper was, “You’re great at writing and making my job easier”. On top of that, I was referred to be Editor in Cheif for Odyssey, and my friends ask me to review their papers for schools, before they turn them in. So I don’t need you guys to tell that I can’t write well because I know that I can.

I’m very successful with Odyssey and everything else that I’m doing. Whether it’s school, work, the DCP, ballroom dance, taking care of other people, cooking and bailing and so much more. So again, I don’t need you guys to tell me that I’m not successful in what I’m doing.

From everything that was said about me, I gained even more confidence to write, and to write about certain topics. Topics that I thought I would never be able to write able. That includes my all time favorite article "Poetry On Odyssey: I Wasn't Ready" , and "What's It's Like To Be In A Toxic Relationship", which got a ton of people to reach out to me to let me know about their stories. Because of all the things that were posted, people could see a small glimpse of what I went through and it helped prove my point.

I've made a bunch more friends and grew closer to the friends I already had because of the things that you guys posted. People from across the country reached out to message me and they continue to follow my articles to this day. I have a bigger support system because of you guys, and that is something I should thank you for a little extra. A little extra because going through things alone is an awful feeling and I did it for so long that it's finally great to have people who understand and get it.

All your negative posts helped not only me, but Rhode Island College's Odyssey team, and Odyssey in general. It helped because you guys drew a ton more attention to me and my articles. It gained me a slightly bigger audience and more page views. It got me some more paychecks based on page views alone!

Because you, your family and friends treated me awful, it gave me something to write about and it gave me countless opportunities to help others in my same situation. It gave me personal experience on what I'm going to be working with in the short future, once school is done. I'll be able to help my patients on an entire different level and connect with them in a different way and help me become more successful with my degree and career.

And for that I CANNOT thank you all enough.

So thank you again for treating me like crap because in the end I turned it around into a beautifully positive thing, and made it help and benefit me, and many others. As for the post that said "Karma is coming for me", I don't believe speaking up and vaguely touching on my trauma is a bad thing, but you guys might and the offer still stands, if you want to talk I'm all ears. But for now I'm going to keep doing what I feel is going to help not myself and others.

Oh and just a side note, careful who comments on your posts and what your “friends” are saying about me to you, because those are the SAME people messaging me talking crap about all of you guys.

Thank U, Next.

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