7 Reasons To Love English Class
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Student Life

7 Reasons To Love English Class

There's so much to love.

7 Reasons To Love English Class

It is no secret that I love reading and writing to the extent where I’m striving to be an English teacher. For this reason, I have always looked forward to English class and favored it among other subjects, but I don’t think my passion for the subject is entirely biased. English class has genuine advantages in comparison to other core subjects (math, science, and social studies). Here are 7 reasons to love it.

1. There is no right or wrong answer when writing a paper

The whole point of writing a paper is to defend your argument that contains an opinion. You can’t get points off for being wrong unless you use incorrect information to support your overall thesis statement. It's all about your ability to defend your opinion using factual information.

2. You end up learning a lot about yourself and the world around you

Literature is a mirror of oneself and of society. Reading various works and connecting with them will get you thinking about yourself and culture, which in turn helps you reach various realizations about civilization.

3. It gets you thinking critically

Assignment prompts are usually designed to get you thinking outside the box. You stretch your imagination and think about texts in ways that stretch your imagination and/or causes you to connect them with real-world events. Critical thinking skills are essential, especially in the real world, and English class definitely gets you practicing them.

4. You have class discussions about real, important, and intriguing topics

Other core subjects usually mostly contain lectures, where the teacher stands in front and explains the course content to students. English class, however, calls for class discussions that don’t focus on factual information. They usually contain students providing their input, relating to the text, putting themselves in a character’s shoes, trying to find meaning within the work, and conversing with other students. Class discussions frequently dive off into discussions about various issues in society that are necessary to consider.

5. Grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills are vital for everyone

No matter what career you’re seeking to pursue or where you want to end up in life, these abilities are important for everyone. Being a good writer with remarkable communication skills will get you far in life, and I don’t know that the same applies as significantly with the aptitudes you learn in other core classes.

6. Usually, it doesn’t require intense studying

English classes often require more papers written at home rather than tests in class. The tests you do take are usually based off skills you have built or books you have read, meaning there is little to no studying required for class. However, this does mean that more time needs to be applied outside of the classroom for completing the main assignments that contribute to your final grade.

7. You get to express yourself

Assignment prompts frequently ask you to connect with the text or apply it to real life, allowing you to express your own opinions and reflect on your own life. It’s a class that incorporates your own voice and ability to think constructively and critically about yourself.

Of course, all subjects are important and students should embrace them all, but there is a special aspect of an English class as a more flexible course with more critical thinking and way less memorization. It gives you something to look forward to every day!

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