The "My Texas" Bucket List
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The "My Texas" Bucket List

We've all thought about it at one time or another.

The "My Texas" Bucket List

If you've been into any Texas dancehall you've heard of Josh Abbott Band's "My Texas". This song covers so many amazing places and things to do in Texas. Many take on this song as a road trip but doing so might lead to missing out on some incredible parts. So instead of a road trip here is the song as a bucket list:

Climb Enchanted Rock:

To make the trek up this monster you'll have to head to Llano. Making this over 1,800-foot climb might be better suited for a cooler month.

Drink a cold Shiner in Luckenbach:

If you wanna start with a baby step just go ahead and drink a cold shiner ANYWHERE! I mean if we're being real here are you even a Texan if you haven't had a Shiner? Anyways once you've tasted this incredible brew you'll be practically begging to head to its birthplace.

P.S. yes that's a post office

Take your baby to the River Walk:

So for all you singles just scratch that "take your baby" part because I promise you'll regret it if you let that stop you from experiencing the greatness that is the River Walk in San Antonio.

Float down the Frio:

If you plan on floating down any river just go ahead and make it the Frio. If you wanna top that go to Rio Frio Fest. How does it get better than live Texas Country and floating a river? In fact, grab a shiner while you're at it.

Listen to Red Dirt:

Just go ahead and let this be your soundtrack as you complete your new bucket list.

Grab a bite a Cooper's in Llano:

Wanna knock out two birds with one stone? I present to you Llano, Texas my friends. Enchanted Rock and BBQ...done and done.


This is a mini bucket list inside the bucket list.


-San Antonio

and lastly

-Fort Worth Stock Show

Sing "Carry On" at a Pat Green show:

You haven't lived until you've done this. Pat Green is a true Texas country artist. His shows are more aimed at bonding with his fans than anything else and that truly happens when "Carry On" gets belted out by hundreds all at once.

Abilene Sunset:

Insert heart eyed emoji here. Holy smokes talk about beautiful. Texas is known for just how beautiful it is so why not soak up some cold hard evidence.

Catch a trout in Port Aransas:

Hello, fishing?!?!?! AND Port A? This alone would be the perfect vacation!

Corpus Christi Bay:

All you have to do is watch this video and you've already got one thing to check off!

Watch the fireworks on Possum Kingdom Lake:

PK is probably one of my favorite places in TX. It's something mostly only locals know about which is part of what makes it so great.

Czech Stop Kolaches:

Let's clarify what a Kolache is is not a pig in a blanket. I'm really not sure where that confusion came from but please get that out of your head. A kolache (and the best ones) are these:

Larry Joe Taylor Fest:

No words could describe this incredible 6 day Texas Country music festival.

Sing along with Cory Morrow:

Hill Country Sunset:

Texas is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and our sunsets are truly unbeatable:

Hike through Big Bend:

While it will be quite the hike, the view is so worth it. This one just like Enchanted Rock is definitely one to save for the cooler months.

Get your hair blown back by Lubbock wind:

Think of Lubbock as Texas' own version of Chicago. So I guess more of like get you hair tangled into a million knots. Thanks, LBK.

Go somewhere where they call you friend:

So just go anywhere...

Sang "Everclear" at a Creager show:

So we like to sing drinking songs...get over it

See an El Paso sunset:

"We get it yall have gorgeous sunsets!" Insert hair-flip emoji

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