Taboo Topics That Can Strengthen Your Relationship

I Know I Have A Strong Relationship With My S.O. Because We Can Talk About These 10 Taboo Topics

Time to get deep.

I met my boyfriend when I was fifteen years old when we were sophomores in high school. Now, over five years later, we have found ourselves together for (going on) four years. A lot has happened since we first met, both socially, politically, and personally. There is so much that can be brought up in conversation and discussed. Being in a relationship for this long, I think that we would both say that there is no stone that has been left unturned in our topics of discussion. Over text, on the phone, on a date, or in the car, we talk about anything and everything. And yes, this does include ~taboos~.

1. Stomach Issues

First things first, everyone goes to the bathroom. For some reason, it may be embarrassing to talk about and maybe even a little bit weird. Talking about things that upset our stomachs and make us constipated are not excused from the conversations that I have with my S. O. at all.

2. Unpopular Opinions

From "Five Guys is better than In-N-Out" to "Mass Immigration should be restricted," we talk about everything in between and why we may or may not agree with unpopular opinions that are posted or ones that we might have come up with on our own. We have a relationship where we can look at each other and speak our honest opinion, without feeling like we are going to be judged in any way. As it should be.

3. Periods

That time of the month, Mother Nature's visit, or whatever you call it, it is a very real thing that comes with some very real physical, emotional, and hormonal symptoms. Being a girl and him being a guy, there are naturally some things that he may not quite understand, so of course, we do talk about them and address the situations that may arise as a result. I might say something like, "Sorry, I freaked out, it's just that time of the month and for some reason, I'm sad and stressed out" and have no fear, shame, or embarrassment in that statement.

4. Money

Both of us having our own finances and budgets, it is not uncommon for us to talk about how much money we have in our checking and savings account or if we can or cannot afford something, at a given time. Also, addressing the issue of who is paying for what when we eat out is something that is never avoided. We may split the bill, but we also do not have a problem with treating each other out every now and again,

5. Moving In Together/ Future Plans

After about a year of being together and moving to another state to attend college side-by-side, it was definitely established that we both wished to pursue future plans and including one another in those plans.

6. Exes

Being that we have known each other for a while and went to high school together, we do know the same people and that includes past flings. Talking about things that were we didn't particularly like in that person or how and why it ended is something that we have brought up in conversation. Some of it is even amusing to talk about.

7. Politics

We both are well aware of where the other stands politically, and we do talk about it often with no filter. This is probably one of my favorite things about our relationship because we can talk about current events and laws that have been passed. My S. O. is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to politics so I am always sure to ask him questions if there is something that I do not completely understand.

8. Strange Habits

We have basically grown up together and have learned quite a lot about each other along the way. This entails sharing some habits of ours that might be considered strange that we comfortably talk about around each other.

9. Mistakes/Regrets

There have been some things that we may not necessarily like to talk about, but does it feels good to let it out and share the way that we have felt about a mistake that we made in the past or something that we have done or did not do that we have some feelings of regret about.

10. Intimate Details

There are just some things that you just don't bring up on the first date, but end up learning about each other and talking about. I am a pretty personal person and I do not particularly share things with just anyone and my S. O. is the same way. The way that we were raised, family dynamics, and personal feelings and thoughts are just some of the intimate topics that we have shared with each other. We both trust each other and respect each other's feelings when it comes to talking about sensitive details about ourselves.

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