Meet Chris & Gracie, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple
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Meet Chris & Gracie, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple

Waiting for my friends to set me up with the love of my life too.

Meet Chris & Gracie, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple

Each week, Swoon features a couple that's deserving of being true #RelationshipGoals. If you or someone you know deserves to be featured, click here to nominate an amazing couple.


Gracie & Chris

How long they've been together:

Married for one year and together for four years

How they met:

Gracie: We met through mutual friends at a pub on St. Patricks's Day weekend in 2014. I was so shy that I barely talked to him but as soon as I saw him I thought he was the cutest thing I ever saw. Two months later he kissed me on the beach at sunset on Memorial Day weekend and asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest is history!

What's the cutest thing about each other?

Gracie: We always seem to know what the other is thinking without having to say anything. We always seem to just get each other.

Chris: We still act like we just started dating, even though we've been together for awhile.

What your favorite physical feature about each other?

Gracie: His eyes

Chris: Her smile

AND personality trait?

Gracie: He is always up for a new adventure!

Chris: She's organized and likes to get things done early.

What is your favorite memory of each other?

Gracie: My favorite memory is when I married him last year. When I was walking down the aisle towards him the whole world just seemed to freeze and all I could think about was how I much I loved him.

Chris: When I proposed to her... and she said yes!

What's the most romantic thing you've done for one another?

Gracie: I could think of a lot of things, but the one that sticks out the most was during the summer we started dating. He took me tailgating at a concert and we danced all night long and on that night I knew that I was dancing with my future husband.

What do #RelationshipGoals mean to you?

Gracie: Feelings change every day, but real love is based on the couple's commitment. That's why vows saw "for better or for worse," you stick together through good times and the bad times. You have to be willing to stick it out and know that it's not always going to be perfect, but if you love the person, you stay because you know no other person will make you as happy as they make you.

Chris: Relationship goals means that you stick it out through anything.

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