Surviving Winter Term And Tips To Do That
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Surviving Winter Term And Tips To Do That

It may be frosty outside but you don't need to be.

Surviving Winter Term And Tips To Do That
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Returning to campus for Winter term can be a challenge. The excitement of the Fall is over and the whole campus seems to take on a depressing atmosphere as everything freezes over. Here are some things to keep in mind this Winter to help keep you warm until the Spring.


It gets dark so early in the Winter that you can take advantage of this perfect sleeping weather. Being well rested makes it easier to deal with the other stresses and general dismal vibes of Winter term. Try your best to keep a consistent schedule–wake up and go to bed at the same time every night. By keeping things consistent, you will reduce stress on your system. Your body will thank you.

Prioritize Exercise

I know it can be challenging in the Winter months, coupled with the hectic nature of school, to stick to an exercise routine. It really is beneficial to exercise, however, even when you feel tired or stressed as the endorphins released will energize you and make you feel happier–even if the snow doesn’t. Working out for 30 minutes a day five days a week is enough to boost mood and even ward off unwanted weight gain. You don’t even need to shlep your way to the gym: here are some easy workouts you can do in your room.

Eat Well

It can be especially challenging to eat well during Winter term as the cold weather often deters you from wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of your room. However, it’s not feasible or healthy to always rely on the delivery guy to drop off a pizza. Try to plan ahead–if you can make meals for the week you’ll be able to eat well on those days you lack motivation without even leaving your building. Try grabbing food for your room from the dining hall when you’re there. Sometimes braving the cold is worth it for a healthier meal that have you feeling better in the long run.

Get Some Vitamin D

When the sun is out, take advantage of the rays as much as possible. This will boost your mood and help you to feel better. Vitamin D is important so if you do find yourself down in the dumps during the Winter term, consider taking some vitamin D supplements.

Use Your Resources

If you really find yourself struggling, reach out and ask for help. There are plenty of resources on campus–the counseling center for example–that exist for the purpose of helping you succeed. Find what works for you and you’ll be feeling great in no time.

Stay Positive

Try to be mindful of your thought patterns. Although it’s easy to get down when the Winter rolls around, try to mitigate the negative thoughts you have about the situation around you. By finding the positivity in each day, you can change your outlook on life and feel better despite the cloudy weather.

Layer up and stay focused–before you know it we’ll be playing kan jam while we soak in the sun. Until then, find something that makes you happy and you too will survive this Winter term.

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