You Can Be Superwoman (Or Superman)

There is this stupid triangle out there that college kids and really anyone seems to think is a legitimate excuse to limit yourself. You know the one, that says you can only choose two: a social life, academic success, or sleep. In reality there are a lot more components in our life than just those three things, but people still think they can't do it all. I don't accept this restriction. I think that you can do anything and everything that you set your mind to. I think you can have a social life, have a high performance level at work, excel in your classes, cook a meal or two for yourself every week, exercise, make time for family, sleep, and whatever else you have to do. It just comes down to self-disipline and time management.

This is no simple task. I recently just started a new job and it leaves little time for me to get to the gym in the afternoon and evenings. So my only alternative is to wake up earlier and get my workout in. I am not a morning person, but I have decided that is simply an excuse that I make up each and every morning because I am making the choice to be lazy. I can complain and say I am too tired, or it is too cold, or I don't want to, but the fact is I can go to the gym. Yes I may be tired, but I can work to go to bed earlier. The only reason I haven't been doing something that I know I should is because I tell myself I can't.

What are the things you tell yourself you can't do? Why are you telling yourself that you can't accomplish everything you set out to do? Are you afraid that you will fail?

The answer to at least the last question is simple. You will fail, but that is okay. The real question is can you get back up when you fail and try again. You are capable of anything. Your potential is limitless. So don't take no for an answer. Be superwoman (or superman). Be the person that people look at and wonder how they do it all. Conquer your mind, teach yourself to prioritize, to make use of the time you have, to take care of yourself, and to be the best person you can possibly be.

You have so much more to offer this world, than your minimal effort, your wasted hours, your laziness, your complaints. No one has time for such negativity, and neither do you. Fill your life with memories, experiences, laughter, and a sense of accomplishment. Go to bed every day knowing that you have done something positive. That feeling comes at a high cost. It requires effort, discipline, sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, and time, but it will be worth it. Show yourself what you can do, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

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