What Being Ghosted Means

Imagine walking into a haunted house - it is dark, cold, just SPOOKY. A haunted house is a creepy event that people tend to pay big bucks on to be terrified - I mean we all enjoy being scared, well at least I do. While I do enjoy the spooky season, there is one thing I hate the most - being ghosted. Like spooky season just began - why was I being ghosted in September? My love life is not Walmart, I do not pregame the seasons, therefore, I am not prepared to be ghosted in any other month BUT October.

For the ones who are not caught up with today's lingo, being ghosted is simply being left on delivered, read, or JUST BLOCKED after a date or maybe a few weeks of talking. Hmmm... are you thinking the word I am? COWARD. Ghosting is the "nicer" way of telling someone, "Hey, I am not interested." But, instead of people having respect, and vocalizing their true emotions, many people just ignore the person. That is NOT how you handle things, friends.

I get it, well really I don't, confrontation is awkward. I have NO issues with confronting someone, if there is an issue then let's talk about it - but almost all of these millennial's are stuck under their mother's breast and are too afraid. If you have the balls to go into a haunted house, expecting the UNKNOWN, then there should be no issue with telling another HUMAN BEING that the vibe is not the same.

"But like... I just don't want to hurt their feelings." Oh my gah, please stop. You are hurting the person, being ghosted, more BY IGNORING THEM. Have you ever been left wondering, "Wow, what did I do that was so bad?" "Maybe I was ugly?" YEAH, THAT IS WHAT IS WONDERING THROUGH THE MINDS OF THE GHOSTED. There should be a cemetery made for the people who have been ghosted because I guarantee it will be larger than any other cemetery around. Go ahead and engrave me a tombstone that states, "Here lies Brooke. She was ghosted several times because she is BOO BOO THE FOOL - RIP."

Being ghosted is embarrassing, it truly is - but not being able, to be honest with someone is more embarrassing. "Honesty is the best policy." Has that phrase died with the ghosted or what? If you cannot be mature enough to end things with someone, and not ignore them, then maybe you are not mature enough to date. Next time you consider ghosting someone - imagine how it would feel if it was you. Enjoy the rest of your spooky season without being ghosted!

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