Stop Calling Your Drug Addiction A Disease

Stop Calling Your Drug Addiction A Disease

Let me take you into a cancer ward, then try telling me you also have a disease.

Drug addiction has increasingly become more problematic over the last few years, with the opioid epidemic tearing apart families and leaving communities vulnerable to drug dealers and violence. Addiction treatment has become more widely available, and the stereotypes surrounding addicts have definitely changed.

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However, one thing remains constant, and that is addicts and enablers labeling drug addiction as a disease.

Addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways. It changes the normal hierarchy in a person's brain and then substitutes their needs and priorities for whatever said addictive is (in this case, we're focusing on drugs). When a person does a drug, they release dopamine, which causes the body to crave the substance more, and eventually alters the way the brain reacts to these chemicals. The reason that drug addictions are called "diseases" is that since the brain has become altered from drugs, the resulting compulsive behavior overrides the ability to control impulses, therefore making it a "relapsing disease."

You chose this.

You chose to smoke the weed.

You chose to shoot up heroin.

You chose to snort cocaine.

You chose to buy prescription pills that you did not need.

You chose this.

I can't express how much it infuriates me when drug addicts have the audacity to play the "oh poor me" role, blaming their choices on a disease that they brought on themselves. That child in the cancer ward didn't choose to do something that brought on their cancer, that woman with cystic fibrosis didn't do something to bring it upon herself.

Every drug addict made a choice, so don't tell me you have a disease all because you chose to do something you knew wasn't right. Could you really look a child stricken with cancer in the eyes and tell them you also have a disease, that you're also sick, but that unlike them, you made choices that led you to where you are, while they didn't? Take some personal responsibility and own up to it, but don't you dare go around telling people you have this so called disease that YOU created.

I've seen firsthand what addiction can do, who it hurts and how it destroys. I've watched enablers cosset the addict, consistently making up excuses as to why that person is an addict, why they can't quit, and best of all; why they have a disease and should be treated as such. But enablers are not the problem, it's the manipulator –– who is the drug addict.

They manipulate others to believe their lies, to believe that they are actually diseased and therefore can not quit because it’s a sickness. Have we, as a society, become so blatantly oblivious to basic manipulation tactics that we fail to see that drug addicts have made this "disease" for themselves as a means to escape personal responsibility?

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The reason this bothers me so much isn't because I watch these addicts throw away their life, while someone is sitting in a hospital bed clinging onto their last breath, wishing that just for a moment they were healthy, that they didn't have to face the chances that they would be dead within months. It bothers me because of the label we have given to addicts. This label makes them believe they have an actual disease that they didn't ask for. Let's be real, what person asks for cancer, cystic fibrosis, ulcerative colitis, or multiple sclerosis?

So please, stop playing the victim role thinking you have a disease that you brought on yourself because of your choices. Stop crying the blues because you screwed up and want the world to take pity.

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Drugs Are Not A Joke So Stop Making Them Into One

You don’t get the days you lose to being high or in rehab back.

Drugs have been a rising epidemic in teens and adults. There’s probably a story every single day involving something with drugs, and with so much coverage there comes a lot of other things.

I hate to be that whiny, sensitive person, but drug use is not a joke. With social media playing such a huge role in younger peoples’ lives, the last thing we should do is pretend that drugs aren’t serious.

I know that some people use jokes during hard times to cope, but drugs will put any life to dark and scary times so why are we making light out of it? It takes one drug to flip your life around completely, and to take away all of your dreams, friends, and family. How anyone can find something funny in that is so beyond me.

Watching people you love throw their life away, and having little to no control over it is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Nobody deserves to go through it or watch their loved ones go through it.

When I see jokes about drugs, I can’t find the humor in it because experiencing what they can do is heartbreaking.

The problem with making jokes about drugs is that considering they’re mostly circulating on social media (which is widely used by teenagers), the audience that is being reached is the same audience that will be most likely to experiment with those drugs.

Everyone that is acting like drugs aren’t a serious problem are contributing to the same people that start trying those drugs and then can’t see anything wrong with it.

Many people (celebrities and people you know) die from drug addiction, and most drug addicts will tell you that if they could take it back they would. Drugs will become your worst best friend.

They’ll never leave your side, but they’ll make sure to ruin your life. It might be all fun and games at first, but when your life is taken away from you it will become a sad reality.

Not only do drugs ruin the life of whoever is taking them, they ruin the lives of the people around the user.

It’s mentally exhausting to deal with it, and to go through some of the side effects of using drugs (such as stealing). It’s a selfish decision to make when you choose drugs over everyone else including themselves, and it’s going to hurt everyone around them until the day they choose to stop using them.

If you know people that are getting into drugs or are exhibiting addictive behaviors, don’t condone them. Tell them or someone that can help them about your concerns, and try to get them help as soon as possible.

It takes a small amount of time to go down a wrong path, and to ruin your life. You don’t get the days you lose to being high or in rehab back. You don’t always get a second chance at the dreams you once had, so if you can save a life now then do it. Don’t joke about it.

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An Ode To Caffeine Pills

The energy boosting pill that is legal and effective.

Let me describe a familiar situation in my life:

It's Saturday night, your friends are texting to see what you're doing and if you're coming to the pre-game, but you're exhausted. You happened to go out last night and stayed up late, only to wake up early. As much as you tried to be productive today you got nothing done and now you want to go out again just to get away from the homework vibes.

Only one problem: you're exhausted and can't see yourself making it past 9 pm let alone the time you get to the club. One (legal) solution: caffeine pills! The little white pill hits within half an hour and provides you with enough energy to wake up and actually talk to people. You can buy a hundred for $8 at Vitamin Shoppe and each one is equivalent to two cups of coffee.

After swallowing, you feel a little placebo effect. It's not enough to give you a boost yet, but it's enough to clear away some of the storm clouds lingering above your head. Life is about to get better soon and some good vibes are heading your way. Flash forward to the club, the music is blasting and you're now the only one in your friend group jumping up and down to the beat. Where did all this energy come from? They ask. Two words: caffeine pills. A miracle drug with little repercussions compared to its rivals cocaine and Adderall. It's just like coffee, bro.

Caffeine pills can help you out during the week too. I take them when I have a lot of work to get done and they enable me to sit in one spot without peeing every 20 minutes like too much coffee does to me. When you get comfy that can be a blessing. The pills are a lot more portable than a coffee mug too, which has the potential to spill all over your bag, laptop, or papers. Trust me, no matter how non-spill the brand says their mug is, I will find a way to spill it.

Lastly, coffee has a lot of drawbacks that make caffeine pills favorable. It gives you bad breath, stained teeth, can upset your stomach, and can be expensive. Most of us drink coffee for the boost, not the taste, with the exception of a sugared-up Starbucks Frappe which tastes pretty good. Coffee can be too hot or too cold to drink and some of us want that boost ASAP instead of sipping our coffee like a fine wine. On the other hand, caffeine pills are quick, easy, portable, and skip straight to the good stuff. You don't even have to brush your teeth after taking one!

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