We all have them. There is no right or wrong with them. Some may have the same as you. Some may be different. Some you may find hard to understand. Some may just seem insane. Some people may fight for hours about them. Others may keep quiet about them. And others may hide behind their computer screen attacking others about them. Opinions.

Lately many have been taking to Twitter and Facebook to share their feelings about Ohio’s new, Heartbeat Bill and if your feeds have been like mine, it is getting out of control. People are attacking others opinions because they are different then there’s and even worse, attacking them personally. Instead of focusing on the point of this bill they just decide to say well you’re a bad person for thinking this or how could anybody believe something like that. But have you ever sat back and wondered why you believe what you do? Maybe you take after your parent’s beliefs and have never considered why you actually believe some of it. Maybe you grew up in a town that everyone had the same beliefs and you just never thought about what those beliefs really are. Either way, you should always respect other’s opinions and stop attacking them for what they believe. You should always listen to what they have to say because in the end it could make so much more sense to you. Then after they have finished you can share yours and afterwards, just end it. Don’t fight with them and tell them they are wrong and you are right because what is the point of that? Why are we all fighting and tearing each other down just because somebody has an opposing opinion to us? Why can’t we just listen to what they have to say and ask questions? Not questions that will hurt their feelings, but questions to find out more of why they believe this. In the end you may be surprised. You may start questioning your own opinions and find out you don’t really feel as strongly about them anymore. You may learn something new. Maybe your opinion will even grow stronger. But either way, listening is the easiest way to understand something. Instead of calling someone names and attacking them, why not try to understand where they are coming from? The most important part of your opinion should be understanding the other side of it because if you don’t understand the other side then do you really know anything about it all together?

So stop taking to social media to argue with someone about what they believe in. Stop trying to bullying someone into believing what you do. Sit back and listen. Then sit back and explain how you feel. Go into it understanding that neither of you have to change your beliefs. Go into it just to get more knowledge on the subject. If one of you decides that your opinion might have changed, great. If you both decide to have separate opinions, great. That is what is so amazing about this world, we can believe whatever we want to and not be wrong.