I never in a million years thought I would be a girl that goes to spin class and vouches for it to all of her friends. Low and behold... here I am guys.

I love to find alternative ways to get sweaty and workout. I love hiking, running around the park, etc. So when I learned that there was a spin studio less than ten minutes from campus, I decided to give it a shot — I mean what's the harm right?

I really didn't know what to expect, to be honest. The most I knew about spin classes was from the movie I Feel Pretty and watching some of my favorite YouTubers who religiously go to SoulCycle. The closest SoulCycle to me, living in Tempe and Scottsdale was — Las Vegas, Nevada. A four and a half hour car ride isn't worth it to go workout for me. But then I found an alternative... this alternative has turned into my safe-space and almost sanctuary of good feeling.

The Madison. Let me tell you, from the minute I stepped foot into this place, I felt so at home. The girls at the front desk are more than welcoming and the party starters (instructors) always take it upon themselves to make every single person in that room feel empowered and confident. It is kind of difficult to explain in simple terms the way one of these classes can make you feel when completed.

Before my first class, my friend Ally and I were READY. Little did we know, we had no clue what was in store for us. Our instructor Chris acknowledged us and kindly let us know that when we leave the room in 50 minutes, we were going to be slightly confused, have our ears ringing, and basically feel hungover. We thought: "no way."

Then, BAM.

The 50 minutes go by and I swear, I have never been more dripped in sweat in my entire life. My body was jello... but felt so strong at the same time. I got off the bike, and my booty was beyond sore already. I was (not walking because my legs were dead) but stumbling all over cloud nine at that point. I was hooked.

The thing about the Madison that gets you caught is not only its welcoming and uplifting environment, but inside the spin room itself, the music, so loud that there are ear plugs offered. It is especially fun because the classes range from EDM headbangers to classes that are called "Drake vs Rihanna", and so many in-between. The lights are captivating on the ceiling.

Moving your body is the best thing about spin classes... but the relationships built in that room and the results you see in your body and attitude are even better.