For over two weeks now, I have been on a cleaning spree and not the typical "I want all the rooms spotless, and the kitchen is sparkling," no. I have been cleansing myself from everything that does not bring me happiness. It's time to cleanse your mind, body, and soul!

1. Delete social media.

The first thing I did when I started this soul cleaning journey was to uninstall Snapchat. At first, I did out of annoyance, but as time passed, I realized that I spent less time on my phone looking into the life of other people. From that revelation, I went ahead and got rid of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The peace that came from the lack of notification sounds is wonderful. I also started spending less time looking at my phone screen.

2. Delete contacts you don't talk to.

The next thing I did was go through my phone and little by little delete phone numbers from people that I have not heard from in years. I did the same thing with Facebook (extremely disappointed with the unfriending system of Facebook). Don't feel guilty for deleting people out of your life or losing friends/followers. You gotta keep it real, why have them there for decoration? You won't even notice that they are no longer there.

3. Apps you don't use.

Have you ever scroll through your menu and wonder 'what are these supposed to do? I have never used them!'. You know what I am talking about, those apps that came with your phone and you just never learned what they do. There are also the apps that you once downloaded but stopped using a long time ago. Yeah, those apps you can get rid of. The whole idea of cleaning your soul is also to get rid of stuff you don't need nor use... including items from your phone. I will give you more space on your phone.

4. Delete pictures!

Don't even try to deny it; your gallery is probably full of selfies and memes. Come on! Off with them! I deleted over 3000 pictures from selfies to videos to memes to book covers (2012-2018). You can start by removing repeated images (those 100 selfies), memes that you've seen a hundred times already and videos that make you cringe glancing at them. Besides, it gives you more space for future pictures.

5. Clean your computer.

Applications and software and dust. This cleaning happened recently, I was playing a game, got fed up and ended up uninstalling it. My friends say that I will back to the game in two weeks, but honestly, the game has made my life a misery than a way to spend my time. Besides, it kept me away from all of my responsibilities. Along with that game, others went away as well. The other games I have access to any time I want (yay!), but I am just not playing them at the moment. I also got rid of applications that came with the computer that not once have I ever clicked. When I finished there, I cleaned my disk and defragged, and then I opened my laptop (to see how dirty it was) cleaned the cover and made a mental note on buying condensed air. Please don't go around opening your computer if you have never done it before and if you decide to do so be careful and watch a video beforehand.

6. Wardrobe.

Ever since 2019 started, I have donated more than half my wardrobe and thrown away a little of the fourth that is remaining, and I am still giving clothing I no longer use or fit. I will be honest; I had to grab my friends and tell me how many times they have seen me wear that skirt. That's how my wardrobe has shrunk. Do I regret it? No, I stayed with what I use and what still fit me. I am not stressing over what to wear because of everything that is on my wardrobe. I once heard that a woman only need 12 items on her wardrobe, is that true? Probably not, but less is better than a lot — more with clothing and shoes and purses that are just hanging there gathering dust.