Even though there are perks, let's be honest: there are some days when you just want an S.O. Like for instance...

1. When you just need a hug/cuddle session

We all have those days when you just need comfort, which sometimes is much nicer when it's from a S.O.

2. When you want to wear someone else's sweatshirt

There's something about wearing someone you care about's sweatshirt that makes you feel at peace.

3. Valentine's Day...

Like, Valentine's Day can be nice with your girls, but going on a date and spending this special day with the person you love would be nice.

4. When you're sad

If you need to be cheered up, friends definitely help, but also having your S.O. there for you is nice.

5. When your family asks and asks about your relationship status...and you wish they'd just shut up

Any holiday can be dreadful if your family is nosey. Sometimes you just want to make up a S.O. so they can just be quiet.

6. When you see those cliche Pinterest/VSCO posts

We all get the urge to have a boyfriend/girlfriend when we go on Pinterest or VSCO and see those cheesy yet still adorable pictures.

7. When all your friends have a special someone in their lives and want to all go out together

Group dates, double dates, you name it. Sometimes you can feel left out if it seems like all your friends have their special someones.

8. When you're feeling lonely 

Even if you're not alone you can feel lonely. We all have those days, it would be nice to have someone to lean on besides your besties.

9. Netflix

Netflix is always a move, but sometimes you just don't want to watch it alone. Netflix and chill but actually chill is nice.

10.  When you realize that you're old enough to start meeting your potential husband/wife

This one might be scary, I know I cannot believe this, but it's true. Just keep this in mind.