I used to almost NEVER go out without makeup on. Aside from the gym or maybe some family events, I didn't like to be out in public bare-faced because I didn't feel confident that way. My skin was really blotchy, red, and the tone was uneven. It also looked dull without makeup, there was no vibrance or glow to my face. Because of that, I would wear full foundation and powder to school almost every day. Hearing that now sounds CRAZY, because anymore I only use foundation once or twice per year. That isn't because I stopped putting effort into my appearance, I just found products that helped the appearance of my skin naturally so I like how my skin looks without makeup.

I know that some people love doing their makeup every morning, but for me personally, it just feels time-consuming. I would rather save time and be out of the house sooner starting my day. I also prefer a more natural look in general. I don't like the feel of makeup on my skin and I don't like it if people can see the makeup on my face. It took a lot of trial and error to find things that really worked to transform my skin to a point where I can easily go makeup free but these are the things that I couldn't live without.

1. For an even skin tone.

Murad Environmental Shield Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, 1-oz. & Reviews - Skin Care - Beauty - Macy's

One of my biggest problems was feeling like I had such an uneven skin tone without makeup. Foundation would make my whole face one shade, and that was something I struggled to get naturally. I had so many dark spots and patches. There are tons of tone correcting serums out there and this is one of the more extreme ones because it lightens your whole skin tone, but in doing so it evens and fairly permanently rids of any damage or sunspots you have built up from over the years. I applied it every night and started noticing a difference in about a week. By the time I finished the bottle my skin was so much better I didn't even need to buy a second one. Now I am just more conscious about protecting my skin from the sun, and the spots haven't seemed to come back.

2. For a tan glow without the drying damage of the sun.


I love having a tan glow, but I also know how terrible the sun is for skin. Not only is it dangerous, but it sucks the moisture from your skin leaving it dull and damaged. It is also the easiest way to develop depigmentation like sunspots. Still, finding a sunless tanner that I liked enough to use routinely was hard. So many made me break out, smelled weird, or were loaded with chemicals I didn't trust on my face or body. Tanologist is a clear, odorless, sunless tanner that you mix with your moisturizer and apply to your face. They also have tanning foam you can apply to your whole body. It doesn't smell, it doesn't transfer, it doesn't streak, and out of all sunless tanners I have seen it has the most natural ingredients.

3. For a sheer protectant.


Protecting my skin has become one of the most important parts of my skincare routine. Once I realized how damaging sun exposure can be I went on the hunt for daily facial sunscreen. This one is the best because It is high SPF, and it also has a super sheer tint that gives your skin an extra illuminant glow. It is so pretty and so natural but gives you just the slightest bit of color.

4. For softer skin overnight.


I know everyone thinks that they know what they are doing with Aquaphor, but let me tell you a little secret. Aquaphor is not a moisturizer. If you think it is healing your chapped lips or cracked hands on its own, it's not! Aquaphor is a sealant. That means that if you already have a moisturizer of some sort on, it will lock the moisturizer to your skin and allow it to absorb more properly. So with this knowledge as a trick, if you are having trouble keeping your face plump and moisturized, you can seal your moisturizer with a thin layer of Aquaphor to allow it to fully absorb. This trick works best overnight because it will leave a greasy, shiny film that you might not necessarily want throughout the day. Another thing to consider is that while Aquaphor won't get down in your pores, it could keep problematic materials from leaving so if you have problematic oily skin, approach this with caution.

5. Daily repair.


I use this every night on a freshly washed face before applying a regular moisturizer. Serums absorb much more easily than creams and this one is loaded with important complexes that quickly correct any damages done throughout the day.

6. For long thick lashes.


For so long people would look at me like I was crazy when I would go to the store as a young teenage girl to buy castor oil (traditionally known for its laxative effects) but I didn't even care because this miracle oil came in handy for so many things. I used to apply it to my scalp to help my hair grow more healthily and quickly and then one day I read an article on how you can use it to grow longer thicker eyelashes as well. Ever since then I started using an empty mascara brush to apply a layer to my lashes before bed. I know this isn't exactly a skincare tip but I still thought it was worth sharing because it does give noticeable results.