Self-care: what's that?

In this day and age, the world is fast-paced and rigorous. It expects us to be vivacious and ready for action. There's always projects, deadlines, and due dates. Time is always running away from us. From the time it's morning, it seems to be night again.

We need to take a moment to sit back and do what it is that makes us happy. We need to relax and recharge. What's a phone with a dead battery? A car with no fuel? Nothing productive is going to come off a machine that is overworked and exhausted.

Here are 11 tips and tricks for self-care that don't include face masks. No offense, but they're not always the best option!

1. Take some time to do some deep breathing

Breathing sounds so simple because we take it for granted every single day. But, our lungs are powerful. We need to be grateful for them, as well as the air we breathe. Deep breathing for 15-20 minutes is an easy way to calm the mind.

2. Go for a walk outside with a friend or your furry companion

Spring is upon us, and it's absolutely amazing to be able to watch the seasons change. Take in these sights by going on a stroll with a friend or your dog. If you go with a friend, it allows for bonding and catching up. For your dog, he/she will be so happy. Don't go on the path you usually go on; let the route come to you.

3. Put your phone down for once

Social media, text messages, phone calls, emails-- it seems like our phones are the center of our universe nowadays. In restaurants and other public places, it's not uncommon to see someone scrolling on their phone. Try putting your phone down for a change. You might witness something you would've missed if you were looking down.

4. Get some exercise

Sometimes all you need to blow off steam is to get your body moving. Not only is working out good for your mental health, but also your physical health. Every time I go to the gym angry, it has motivated my workouts. Plus, the endorphins are worth the sweat!

5. Take time to do what makes you happy

Everyone has something that makes them happy. For me, it is writing and working out. Find whatever it is that is your passion: a hobby. It'll help you express yourself in many ways you never thought possible.

6. Spend time with friends and family

Friends and family are there for you no matter what. They're your number one supporters, especially in times of stress. They won't mind if you need to vent or are in search of advice. They'll lift up your spirits.

7. Indulge in your favorite treat

Everyone has their favorite food or dessert. My favorite junk foods by far are cheese bread and ice cream. Sometimes it's okay to let loose. Take your taste buds to Flavor Town!

8. Listen to your favorite song

Music is amazing because there are so many genres that appeal to many different audiences. Turn on your favorite song, and pay attention to only the song. Dance and sing: make it a concert; even if it's in the car or the shower.

9. Cuddle with your favorite furry friend

I am a pet owner myself, and sometimes all you need is a hug from your dog or cat. He/she will love the attention, and you will feel happier. It's incredibly simple, but it means the world to them.

10. Get some sleep

When we're going a million miles an hour, sometimes we forget to catch up on sleep. Sleeping is so vital for functioning properly. Get some z's and go to sleep early. You'll feel so much better afterward.

11. Treat yo self

Last but not least, my favorite form of self care. Do some shopping, get your hair done, go out on a night on the town. It's all about you, and you only. You deserve to let your hair down every once-in-a-while. Parks and Rec wasn't wrong for making this saying famous.