5 Self-Care Tips for Artists

As a creative, you have probably figured out by now that the artist life, like any life, has its ups and downs. Maybe it's because you have a miserable supplemental job that not only pays the bills but also doubles as the sole investor to your own creative endeavors. Maybe it is because you are working on your latest opus and your vision is just not happening. Or maybe it is all of the people in your life that encourage you to "find a more traditional career path."

As a creative, however, you also know that this life is not all negatives. It is actually full of positivity, discovery--inner and outer, and growth through these waves of ups and downs. It is still important to practice self-love and care in this tumultuous lifestyle. Here are some tips that have found me some peace, hopefully, some will help you too.

1. Journaling

I cannot stress this enough. I know that you're thinking "but of course it helps her, she's a writer." Trust me, half of my journal is filled with entries or pieces I would never want anyone to see and that is okay, it does not need to be a masterpiece. What is so beautiful about the practice of journaling is that you are interacting with your thoughts and feelings.

2. Make A Playlist

Creating a playlist that matches your mood is not only funny but also productive. Once you are satisfied with your playlist now you have the perfect soundtrack to your day! Unfortunately, it is more of a hassle than anything to make a mixtape with cassette tapes. Instead, we have these nifty Apps where you can make your own playlist from scratch. My personal favorite is Spotify.

3. Take A Walk

Exercise has healing elements, and intensive workouts are not for everyone--certainly not I. It can also be good to just step away from your work sometimes. So when you feel agitated with a project, take a step back and a step outside to clear your mind.

4. Reach Out To A Loved One

Talking to the people that you love brings joy into your life because someone cares and you genuinely care about that person. It can make you feel a whole hell of a lot better to figure out your feelings with another person, especially if you are unable to see a therapist.

5. You Are Priority #1

Being a creative is all about navigating life through a lens, figuring out what your happiness will make a world of difference to your mental health and to your art.

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