Resume Services and 4 Obnoxious Things About Them
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4 Things About Resume Services to Watch Out For

Resume writing services may be a good idea, but they may be harder to choose from than you think!

4 Things About Resume Services to Watch Out For

If you're looking for a job, you might think it wise to invest some of your hard earned money in one of the many resume writing services that are available online. While the reasoning is sound, after all - why not have a professional write your resume instead of your amateur self - the problem lies in the fact that it's actually really hard to determine which one is good for you. In fact, a whole article on CNBC about some important things to be made aware of before selecting resume writing services was written to showcase just how difficult it is to find the right one.

So let's jump right into it with 5 of the most obnoxious things about resume writing services you should know about:

1. They are expensive

If you're looking for a job, you don't have a lot of money now do you. So in the pinnacle of desperation, you must now spend several hundred dollars to buy a resume that may or may not land you a job. Talk about a real tough scenario. This is a big issue with resume writing services because nothing is guaranteed. It's expensive and you buy their service not knowing if your end result for your resume will be any good or if it can yield any results.

2. There are too many resume writing services to pick from

There are a gazillion of these services out there on the web and it's impossible to really tell which of them will do the trick. They can say whatever nonsense they want on their website, whether it be free money back guarantees, or free revisions, or free whatever. The problem is the actual professional resume writer might not be very good at his or her job. They could be great, and they could completely knock it out of the park with a grand slam home-run of a resume. Or on the other hand, they could be a complete nutcase and you'll never be able to get a quality resume produced by them. So with so many options, it's really like picking the lottery.

3. They take too long

Sad, but true. Resume writing services take a very long time to write your resume. I mean, they are supposed to be professionals so you would think, "boom!" the resume is done just like that," but it isn't. Instead, it can take weeks to even get a first draft out. The resume writing process is super long for many of these companies, and ironically, this statement is actually more true for quality resume writing services who actually take their time to write your resume. So, if you're in a rush to crank out some job applications, you might not have the time to go with one of these services, which means you're really forced to do it all yourself.

4. I like doing things myself

The reality is, there is a sense of pride in handling the entire job search process yourself. While there's nothing wrong or illegal about having a professional work on your resume, it does take away some of the fun out of the job search process. I want to work hard and get hired using whatever arsenal I got. Sometimes going with a resume writing service is just too demeaning because . It implies that you just don't got what it takes to write your own resume. I mean come on. If you can dodge a wrench, you can write a strong resume right?


I'm not saying you should never use a resume writing service if you feel the need to. There are actually many good reasons why you should use one and I've personally had some good experiences with them. If you just don't got what it takes to write your own resume - a resume writing service might just be perfect for you! This article mainly focuses on the bad elements of choosing one and the things many job seekers glance over when deciding if this is the right path to take for their job search. Whatever your decision is, remember that you have the final say over your resume!

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