Cardi B Made The Right Decision To Leave Offset, And You Need To Respect That, Okurrr?

Cardi B Made The Right Decision To Leave Offset, And You Need To Respect That, Okurrr?

Now let's refer to Be Careful where Cardi says, "And karma is gon' be who you end up with."


Few days into the month and Cardi B drops a shocking announcement. She posted a video, which has been removed, to let everyone know that she is no longer with her baby daddy Offset. She explained that they "grew out of love," and regardless of filing for divorce, she will "always have a lot of love for him because he's [her] daughter's father."

The duo had only been married for a little over a year since they held their secret wedding in September of 2017. They welcome their baby girl, Kulture, this past summer. The same night that the Bronx native announced her separation from the Migos rapper, she finally shared an adorable picture of their daughter on Instagram.

In response to the announcement, Offset commented, "Y'all won." But, he did not just stop there. He also tweeted, "F*CK Y'ALL I MISS CARDI." He seemed to be blaming everyone (but himself) for what went down between him and his former wife.

Offset has been doing the most just to win Cardi back, but it has gotten quite messy.

He unexpectedly showed up during Cardi's performance at the Rolling Loud Festival to make a public apology. With the Invasion of Privacy rapper looking uncomfortable, he equipped himself with a bouquet of flowers as well as blocks of flowers that spell out TAKE ME BACK CARDI.

But, was Offset supposedly endearing move appropriate? No, of course, it was not. He did not have the right to take Cardi's spotlight away from her as she headlined the festival. She was minding her own business and doing her job. He should not have put her on the spot in front of thousands of people, and he knew exactly what he was trying to accomplish.

This narrative has been around for ages. We encounter guys like Offset every day. They have caused so much damage in their relationships that they refuse to acknowledge. Instead of accepting the fact that they are in the wrong, they find other people to blame. Better yet, they use the guilt tactic on their significant others to make them feel bad for walking away and realizing their worth.

Women do not have an obligation to stay with someone who does not care enough for them to respect their decisions. If a woman wants to be left alone, give her space and let her be. Do not keep pushing yourself on to her; you are only going to push her farther away than you already have. If she wants the best for herself, do not deprive her of what she can have. Women already endure so much, so they should not have felt bad for leaving something that is so toxic and unhealthy from them.

In a world full of offsets (pun fully intended), give women the freedom to do what is necessary for living their best life (see what I did there?). "I wish the spirit of Paula Patton on Cardi B," as one viral tweet said. "Paula ain't give two f*cks that Robin Thicke made a whole album and tour that he apologized for every show.

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An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Mom

A simple thank you is not enough.

Your son and I have been dating a while now and I just wanted to thank you for everything.

Wow, where do I start? Ever since the day your son brought me into your home you have shown me nothing but kindness. I have not one negative thought about you and I am truly thankful for that. I first and foremost want to thank you for welcoming me with open arms. There are horror stories of mothers resenting their son's girlfriends and I am blessed there is no resentment or harsh feelings.

Thank you for treating me like one of your children, with so much love but knowing exactly when to tease me.

Thank you for sticking up for me when your son teases me, even though I know it’s all in good fun it's always comforting knowing you have someone by your side.

Thank you for raising a man who respects women and knows how to take responsibility of mistakes and not a boy who is immature and doesn’t take responsibility.

Thank you for always including me in family affairs, I may not be blood family but you do everything you can to make sure I feel like I am.

Thank you for letting me make memories with your family.

There is nothing I value more in this world then memories with friends and family and I am thankful you want and are willing to include me in yours. I have so much to thank you for my thoughts keep running together.

The most important thing I have to thank you for is for trusting me with your son. I know how precious and valuable he is and I won't break his heart. I will do everything I can to make him happy. This means more than you could ever imagine and I promise I will never break your trust.

The second most important thing I must thank you for is for accepting me for who I am. Never have you ever wished I looked like another girl or acted like another girl. You simply love and care for me and that’s all I could ever ask. Every person in this world is a unique different person and understanding that means a lot.

The third most important thing I must thank you is teaching me how to one day in the future treat a potential girlfriend that I may interact with as a mother. I am not a mother, but I one day plan to be. If I ever have a son it is because of how you treated me that I am able to be a humble loving mother to this new face that could one day walk into my door. How you have treated me has taught me how I should one day be in the future and I thank you for that.

This may seem all over the place but that’s how my brain gets when I try and thank you for everything you have done for me. It’s all so much and even the little things are so important so I promise my scattered thoughts are all with good intentions and not meant to bombard you. I just want to get the idea across to you that you are important and special to me and everything you do does not go unnoticed.


Your Son’s Girlfriend

Cover Image Credit: Christian Images and Quotes

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To The One Who’s Not Like The Rest

It's okay to be the single girl in college.


I'm in college, but the thought of getting married and having kids within a few years is crazy to me. All my friends are getting married, getting engaged, or having kids, and I don't even have the itch to do any of those! I like being single, I like being by myself, and I like being able to do what I want when I want to without having anything to worry about.

I would honestly rather spend my college years getting to know myself and getting a degree to have a great career.

I don't think that right now is the time to do anything but that, sue me. I like to think that I have my life planned out, and so far everything's on schedule. You get a degree, a job, then you get married. Unpopular opinion: I think going into college with a boyfriend, kid, or husband is limiting yourself. You won't be able to be as involved or have as much time for your studies or to have fun, as you would if you came into college with nothing holding you back. Most freshmen in college end up breaking up with their hometown boyfriends/girlfriends during their first semester anyway. Might as well let them go before you start school.

It's okay to not see yourself settling down anytime soon! It's okay if you already have settled down. You can be happy with or without someone else. Your happiness depends on YOU, not anyone else. In today's society, people find it hard to be happy without having someone to post pictures with on social media, and they think that college is the place to find that person. I personally think that college is the place to find friends that will last a lifetime!

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