Get a hotel room. One with a king bed and a jacuzzi tub. Splurge for the late check out time. Sometimes all it takes to reset is a nap. Other times it's room 212 at the Grandstay. Run yourself a bath. Turn on your favorite music. Use the entire bottle of stress relief bubble bath. Close your eyes and think about nothing. Breathe. You're still thinking about work, school or the things bothering you. So turn the music up. Sink a little lower into the water. Be present in the nothingness of this moment. Breathe. Drain the tub, dry off and crawl into that beautiful king size bed. Cover yourself in that lavender lotion from head to toe. Nothing beats the smell of those lovely fresh white sheets or how your silky soft skin pairs so perfectly with them. The way your head seeps deep into those pillows makes you forget about everything outside of these walls. Breathe. Turn on the TV that's hanging on the wall. Something funny. Romance movies make you feel lonely. Action movies make you want to be doing more. Comedy makes you laugh, you need to laugh. Breathe. Fall asleep to your favorite song and dream the sweetest dreams. No nightmares tonight. Breathe. When you wake up run another bubble bath. With the sunshine peaking through the windows, enjoy this bath just as much as the one last night. Breathe. When you check out smile at the front desk employee.

Smile the entire day today. Smile because you feel refreshed. Smile because for the last twelve hours your mind was clear. Smile because you can and you have a gorgeous smile. There is no instruction manual for life. Sometimes you have prayed all the prayers you can pray. You have tried all those things that are supposed to make you feel better. Sometimes you need to get a hotel room. Reset. And just breathe.