22 Ways To Relax And Have Fun
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Are you worried all the time? Are you feeling sad because of a relationship? Are you stressed out about school? I hear you! I'm usually the unrelaxed and doesn't have a lot of fun type because I haven't paid attention to my feelings. But It wasn't until a few weeks ago where I decided to take control of my life and happiness. There are so many fun things to do, so why should we waste it on people or things that are not going to benefit us? It is time, we do things for us, even if you go alone you will be at peace and will love yourself even more for taking that time off.

Here a few things to try (this is a little biased because they're all things I enjoy, but I have a feeling you will too):

1. Paint Night.

Groupon has amazing deals where you can find places near you. I would totally take advantage! Grab a friend (it's cheaper and you won't regret it)

2. Meditation/Yoga.

Good for the mind, body, and soul! Get the blood flowing everywhere!

3. Walking through trails.

What an amazing way to get some fresh air and enjoy the aesthetics of nature.

4. Read poetry.

Grab some tea or whatever you prefer, get cozy and grab a book. It is truly a nice way to end the night.

5. Go out to eat with friends.

Great way to catch up and forget about the long week you had

6. Free/Creative Writing.

Let your thoughts flow by writing it down. If you really enjoy writing, I recommend you check out the "Bargain" section at Barnes & Nobles, and you'll find books with awesome writing prompts that get you to think outside the box!

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7. Sign up for 5K's (Color Run, Night Glow Run, Jingle Bell Run, etc...)

A 5K sounds painful, but when it's a fun race you will forget all about it. It's more fun because there is no competition, so you can enjoy the run and have a wild time. There is a 5K for pretty much every thing, so I hope you can find one that suits your interest!

8. Binge watch movies (with friends of course).

It's Friday and you have nothing to do and it's been such a long week. I feel you on that. Grab some food and just relax at home and catch up on some shows.

9. Visit the science museums.

The things you will see are just so fascinating.

10. Go Camping

Outdoors = Adventure = FUNN! Oh, you can't forget the s'mores!!!

11. Bake a cake/cookies.

It's delicious and what can go wrong with baking (besides forgetting it's in the oven..)? Just bake and enjoy!

12. Explore stores in the city/downtown.

I love walking around the city and seeing cute little antique shops. It makes me feel so whole inside. Is it just me?

13. Go on the Swings!

I aspire to be as happy and carefree as this adorable pup.

14. Make Smoothies.

I could really use a mango smoothie right about now.

15. Make some music playlists and then listen to it.

I have a playlist for everything-- from "Workout songs" to "Sleep and relaxation songs". It helps me keep my music organized based on what mood I'm in or what I'm doing.

16. Take pictures of the outdoors.

Hey, you can even make a collection on what you took!


It looks crazy (and maybe not as relaxing---depending on how you are) but it is wicked fun! You see some many things at such a fast pace.

18. Go to a sports game.

This is on my to-do list, but I definitely think this is an awesome opportunity to be around all different kinds of people for a day and just admiring the sport and the how hard the players are working.

19. Color.

We could all use a 10 mins coloring period for when people stress us the hell out. I know I sure do!

20. Go to an art gallery.

Art is open to interpretation. Viewing art has many effects on a person that brings up a lot of power feelings, but it can also be a wonderful experience to view different perspectives instead of your own.

21. Go to play.

Find a play you're interested in and go watch it! Plays are very fun to watch.

22. Canoeing.

Quite similar to walking through the trails (because you're admiring and smelling the aroma of nature) except, you are in a canoe paddling through the waters. This is also a great upper body exercise.

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