A friend of mine recently brought up the concept of those who "could have been" something more. She talked about how "sometimes you meet a person and just know in your heart that if you got to know them more, you both would end up in a relationship." I call those "what-could-have-beens."

A relationship is a wonderful thing but often results out of fortunate timing. Until then, there are so many opportunities that never reach fruition. It is only after being in a relationship that one appreciates the many different people that could be in our lives, that we could have loved but can't.

Travelers know this better than anyone else. Going across the world and meeting someone perfect right before your flight the next day is an agony only jet-setters, travel bloggers, and the like know. There is so much at work: destiny, fate, the universe, timing, and a lot of luck.

When traveling with a team this past month, I met someone incredibly sweet and with whom I connected with. After only two days in the same place, it was a silly crush that I am quickly getting over. Nonetheless, it made me think of what could have been. This person could have added experiences to my life, but it was not reasonable given the circumstances.

We're lucky to have social media today, but this doesn't contribute much when we only meet someone once or twice in our lives. After that, the feeling of that moment is impossible to build upon and pursuit seems irrelevant once both people are forced to move on.

At some point, you have to believe that something greater is at work... that everything happens for a reason (as cheesy as that sounds). If we try to control the lives of other people and judge them for their priorities, nothing nor no one would satisfy us.

To those that could have been, I'm sorry I didn't open myself up to you sooner. I'm sorry I made commitments before searching for you or making room for a surprise such as you. I wish I was more outspoken so that I could have made more memories with you before I left. Hopefully, we will meet again and I won't make the same mistakes. Hopefully, you will say "Hi" and recount the last time we met as if it wasn't so long ago. I won't ever fully forget you, so please don't forget me. Maybe for the one you're destined to be with, you won't be the right person at the wrong time.