If Relationships Had An Expiration Date, Would You Check It?

If Relationships Had An Expiration Date, Would You Check It?

Do you want to know how long your relationship will last?


The other night when I was procrastinating, I re-watched my favorite episodes of Black Mirror. An episode I really love is 'Hang The DJ', written by Charlie Brooker and directed by Tim Van Patten. The episode follows the story of two young adults living in a dystopian world where people are required to use a dating app that matches people into relationships. They can check the expiration date of their relationship that the app gives.

This episode really stuck with me. I think the concept of checking the expiration date of your relationship is mind-boggling. The duration of a relationship, just like many things in life, can never be known until it actually ends (or takes a serious turn). I feel like the question of "how long is this going to last?" always lingers in our minds whether we're aware of it or not.

And who really wants to address this question every single time it pops into their head? The idea of a break-up isn't the most pleasant thing to talk about (unless the relationship has been struggling for a while). I don't dare to test this out, but I'm sure if I asked my boyfriend "how long do you think we're going to last?" every single time we hung out, it would drive him crazy.

But even though this question looms over my head sometimes, if there was a way to check how long my relationship would last, I don't know if I would check it. If I was told my relationship would last one more day, I would freak out. If you're happy in a relationship, how else is someone supposed to act when hearing this?

If the relationship was going to last a few more months, how would we treat each other? If we're going to be over in a matter of weeks, it seems as if there's nothing we could do to improve the relationship since it's ending in such a short amount of time. I guess we would just coast and enjoy the time we still have left with each other.

If you're happy in your relationship and find out that it was going to last for two or three more years, this would sound great. I mean, it's better than your relationship ending in a few hours. But, at the same time, wouldn't this sting? If you love someone, you're obviously going to cherish the time you have left with them, but it'll probably haunt you every morning when you wake up to know that each day gets closer and closer to your relationship ending.

Yet, even though this seems depressing, this is a reality for so many couples. Even though we may not know it, each day has the potential to bring us closer to a break-up. It's a beautiful thing when the person you love turns into your forever partner, being sealed by marriage and maybe even a family, but this isn't always a reality.

So, it would seem like finding out your relationship will last forever would be perfect if you're in love. But, it's worth point out that relationships can change; something that may bring you all the happiness in the world today may not be such a strong source of happiness in a year from now. This is scary, but it's true. Because of this, it may not always be a good thing to find out the person you're with now will be the one you end up with in the long run.

I think it's best to assume that it's probably a good thing that we can't check the expiration date of our relationships. Even though not knowing can drive us crazy, ignorance is bliss sometimes. Going with the flow and taking things one day at a time seems like the best course of action. I know it sounds cheesy, but my favorite saying has to be, "whatever is meant to be yours will find its way to you". This thought experiment also encourages us to cherish the time we have with our significant others each and every day.

If you could, would you check how long your relationship will last?

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17 Telltale Signs That He's NOT Worth Your Time Dating And You Should End It... Now

If even one of these items happens to you, END IT.


Relationships are about learning and growing together in order to support one another to the best of your ability. Sometimes, though, your partner possesses qualities and that just do not mesh with your personality, qualities, experiences, expectations, and life goals. It may feel awful at first; however, in the long run, this is actually a good thing to identify. If two people are not getting the same positive outcome from a relationship, then it's not worth the time to pursue. Oftentimes, things that seem minuscule at the moment actually have a much larger impact overall and, after time, these seemingly small things start to feel heavy. As a result, you learn what to expect in a relationship.

Here are 17 signs that your relationship isn't worth your time.

1. He mispronounces your last name

This is especially horrible if it happens while he is addressing your parents.

2. He doesn't make an effort with your family

Speaking of family... well they're kind of important.

3. He doesn't pay attention

To you or anything really.

4. You've never met any of his friends

Wouldn't you think he would want to show you off?

5. His words don't align with his actions

It is pretty easy to say something but what really matters is if he does it.

6. His family interactions are not healthy

You can really learn a lot about a person based off of the other relationships that they have. If you don't like what you see, you probably won't be comfortable with the relationship between the two of you.

7. He doesn't ask for consent


8. He is not mindful

Again, of you or anything really.

9. You have to mother him

Relationships should be 50-50 in terms of learning and growing together; there should never be one person pulling the other.

10. Conversation is artificial

Which can be painful.

11. He doesn't remember important things about you 

12. You contemplate your relationship (even the slightest bit)

It's never a good sign when you find yourself beginning to doubt the stability of your relationship.

13. Your parents tell you that something is off

They know you the best and only want what's best for you.

14. Your close friends tell you that something is off

They also know you very well and only want the best for you.

15. Your not-so-close friends tell you that something is off

Take a hint, honey.

16. He doesn't tell you goodnight

You should always end the day feeling positive and knowing that the other is thinking about you.

17. You go to bed upset

(Could be a result of number 16.) You should never, ever let whatever is happening between you two carry over to the next day.

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11 Of The Biggest Tinder Red Flags All Single Women Need To Swipe Left On

The red flags a woman swiping for men shouldn't ignore when it comes to finding someone on Tinder.


Ah yes, the magical non-dating application that seems to be the go-to for most college singles looking for amusement in their uneventful Saturday night scheme: Tinder. Foreign to those who choose to meet other people in real life as opposed to over the internet or through social media, Tinder is widely popular on most colleges campuses, though one doesn't have to be a university student to make an account. For the readers who are familiar with the swipes of the dismissive or approving nature, you know what I mean when I say that some Tinder accounts aren't "swipe right" worthy. For the woman seeking man on Tinder, these are the 11 biggest red flags.

1. Grammar mistakes


A tale as old as time: being turned off by someone's grammar incompetence. Did he go to the seventh grade? Most likely. So really, this is just a lack of caring on his part. He doesn't care about wooing someone with his articulate dialect? Oh, okay. Swipe left.

2. Risky bio

what why

There are honestly a number of examples of the "risky bio." I once saw a bio that said, "I sell drugs." I'm not joking. Red flag.

3. Their first pic is of them flicking off the camera


I'm personally offended by this man already. Swipe left.

4. The shirtless mirror pic


Glad he's confident, that's cool, really. But there's just something about the image of a man standing in front of his dirty bathroom mirror searching for the right angle that is so strange. Just thinking about the multiple attempts that picture could have taken irks me.

5. Boomerang video of them vaping

so hip

Does he still have one of those? Okay...First of all, if vaping is such a significant part of his life that he has to share it with the world, at least he could blow some O's or something, the video playing back-and-forth of that cloud he's blowing is of minimal difficulty. At least try to impress.

6. Boomerang video of them chugging a beer

This isn't Barstool, this is you (the swiper) deciding whether or not a guy worth possibly meeting out in the real world. And while I would be impressed, you don't really know how long it took him to finish chugging that beer. He could have taken minutes, or not even finished the whole thing. Swipe left.

7. Only one picture


Okay, there's only one picture of him in his Tinder profile - this is obviously a catfish. I mean, maybe it isn't, but if you trust a one-pictured profile then you have bigger balls than I do. And if it indeed is not a catfish, you're dealing with a guy who believes there is only ONE picture of himself out there that could tempt a female to swipe right (an issue in itself).

8. The first picture is of their car


Do I even need to elaborate on why this is a red flag?

9. When they admit they aren't the age Tinder has them as

too old for this

Okay, so Tinder thinks he's nineteen but in his bio, he is literally admitting to not being the age he submitted. Like... what? Swipe left.

10.  No pictures of them (only their dog)


Honestly, it's a decent strategy these men have until we realize that we just swiped right on a German Shepherd.

11.  They're wearing a U of L shirt

go big blue

The crimson of all red flags. Go cats.

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