The Redskins have found themselves in turmoil this offseason. It started with the release of former defensive coordinator Joe Barry. And how was his replacement reception? Well, it came with a bunch of questions. After firing incumbent Joe Barry, the skins went on a two-week search for a new DC. There were a handful of big names: Wade Phillips, Gus Bradley, and Mike Pettine. Each one declined an offer from the redskins. Reasons ranging from Washington having no talent on defense. To not offering enough money. With the big names being out of the picture all that was left was the scraps, which in this case was the hire of Greg Manusky. Who by the way was already part of the staff and was hired by the guy you just fired. Manusky may be a cool guy to have a beer with, but why fire someone who had clear problems with the unit the previous year. Then fill his job with someone that was also part of that horrendous unit.

Still, that is just the tip of the iceberg for Washington’s misery so far into the offseason. Everyone and their grandma knew Washington will see turnover on defense. What no one saw was the departure of young stud offensive coordinator Sean McVayto Los Angeles. This led to scrambling in the front office. Ending with the promotion of Matt Cavanaugh to offensive coordinator. This leads us to the most intriguing part of this story. With the exodus of both the DC and OC. Possible departures of both starting wideouts, Desean Jackson and Pierre Garçon, where does this leave current starting QB Kirk Cousins.

Dan Snyder and Scot McCloughan both seem to be apprehensive in giving Cousins “elite” money. With both coordinators gone. His head coach possibly on the hot seat to be fired at the end of this upcoming year. Two wide receivers he has the most rapport with possibly on the move. Leaving him with an injury-prone tight end in Jordan Reed. A second year wide out that played all of 5 snaps last season. And a slot receiver who should not be the number one target in a good NFL offense. This leaves Cousins in a tough spot. Both the owner and GM seem to believe in you enough to pay you. And the only guy who has your back just left while the other has little power at the moment. What is the motivation to stay? Why risk a big payday for a team that might hurt your future earnings. Cousins best bet might be to leave Washington.

If Cousins leaves the Redskins would have lost a great offensive mind, a defensive coordinator, a top 15 Quarterback. Add in the possibility of losing two starting receivers. And Washington would have lost more in one offseason then some teams lose in a span of ten years! And that would be an offseason from hell.