Raise Your Spirits
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Raise Your Spirits

Ways to get new inspiration.

Raise Your Spirits
Noel Stroner

Its been raining a lot lately, and while a select amount of people thrive off of these kind of days, some of you may be feeling the rainy day blues. Here I've compiled a list of tips and ideas to up your inspiration for this fall.

l. Take a walk.

Once that rain stops for a break, lace up your walking shoes, grab some headphones, and head to a trail nearby. Fall temperatures give everyone the perfect opportunity to appreciate the outdoors while we still can (I'm not even going to mention the "w" word). Everything will be looking lush and colorful, and a peaceful walk to muse on whatever you please is guaranteed to raise your spirits.

ll. Read a book.

Do you remember that feeling of being a child and bringing home a new book from the library? For me, at least, it was a glorious thought that I had a completely new story and characters to devour, ESPECIALLY on rainy days. Find a new book or series to get excited about, and get comfy underneath your covers or on the couch. You have to take a break from Netflix at some point, right?

lll. Find some new music.

Studies have shown that listening to music activates the section of the brain that is responsible for feeling rewarded. Plus, there have been so many good albums coming out recently! Take some time to sit down and browse through Spotify or Soundcloud and find some new tunes to jam to on the way to class or work.

lV. Try to calm your thoughts.

Around this time of year, a lot of us are starting to feel overwhelmed with active lives filled with school, work, and friends. Just for a couple minutes, sit and try to calm that busy mind of yours. This can be done through sitting and practicing breathing deeply, or even just going to that busy cafe and people watching. A calm and relaxed mind is shown to concentrate better and give a more positive outlook to things.

V. Be a student.

Regardless of whether you're in school or not, learning is a skill that is used all throughout our lives. Psychology says that in order to keep your mind fulfilled and on track, it is important to open it to new experiences and concepts. You don't have to be in school to be a student; its all about trying new things, like taking that new yoga class or attending that seminar at your local library.

Vl. Physically exert yourself.

Nothing gets those endorphins going like some good old exercise. Fear not, I'm not saying you have to jump on the treadmill (the horror!). Try going for a swim at a local indoor pool, or asking a friend to join you on a bike ride.

Vll. Look at something pretty.

Our minds love to be visually satisfied. Take a day trip to a local art museum, or check out that temporary exhibit downtown. Doing something like this can open up a world of creativity and inspiration.

Vlll. Get the creative juices flowing.

Not everyone has the ability to paint masterpieces or write a book. However, trying anything to get your creativity flowing is bound to open you up to more daily inspiration. You could try to write, paint, or even just simply try keeping a journal. Watch Project Runway and make new combinations with your clothes (my personal favorite). ANYTHING! Life is too short to be bored.

lX. Spend time with people.

As tempting as it is sometimes to just stay in by yourself all day and sleep, it's important to be social. Make a coffee date with that new acquaintance, or have a move night with close friends. Be kind, speak out to others in public. Time to get over that social awkwardness! (At least for me)

While these tips may seem simple, they can make a world of a difference when you find ways to apply them directly to yourself and your life. Stay happy :)

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