Refugees In Germany: A Conflict In Values
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Refugees In Germany: A Conflict In Values

How assimilation is a well-told myth.

Refugees In Germany: A Conflict In Values

Since the beginning of 2015, over one million refugees, most from war-torn Syria and some from North Africa, have made their way into the heartland of Europe. While European leaders originally welcomed the refugees with open arms, they have now opened their eyes to the reality of the situation. After a series of concentrated attacks throughout France, Great Britain, and Germany which have left hundreds of people dead and injured, billions of Euros spent accommodating such massive hoards, and an evident clash of Ideology, the same people who opened their borders are regretting their decision. In this article I will discuss why mass migration is hurting Europe, especially a country which is grabbing the world's attention due to such an issue: Germany.

Out of the nearly 1.5 million migrants to make their way into Europe so far, Germany alone claimed 476,000 in 2015, though today that number is close to a million. The latter figure is significant because the German people never had a say in that decision; Angela Merkel alone, along with supporters in the Bundestag, offered entry to all asylum seekers, with her rallying cry of "We can Do This". The German government and the German people are paying dearly for Merkel's insubordination. The influx of refugees into Germany has resulted in acts of Islamic terrorism with occurrence intervals as little as a few days, mass rapes committed against innocent German girls, and billions of Euros being spent in order to give refugees essentially free goods and services. Angela Merkel's approval ratings are currently at an all-time-low of 36%, while right-leaning parties such asAlternative for Germany and The National Democratic Party of Germany have won seats both in regional elections and in the Bundestag.

What this all means is that assimilation is a myth; the blatant assumption that these people will quietly assimilate goes against the fact that we are talking about a clash between people with drastically different views of the world. Western Civilization is defined by, but not limited to, certain principles and beliefs such as freedom of speech, freedom to petition or disapprove of government policies, being able to practice ANY religion or not practice at all, equality of the sexes, economic freedom, and essentially being able to live life by the guidance of human reason and rationality. That all goes against the principles under which most of the migrants were raised and still continue to hold close. The rampant bombings, shootings, and rapes which have occurred in the past are, to them, justifiable by virtue of Allah's call to bring terror upon all infidels. Many of their men still cringe at the sight of a woman wearing "revealing" clothing and will label here as a whore who deserves rape, as was evident in the new year's eve rape spree in Cologne( little difference between Western Culture and theirs: Westerners consider rape unacceptable regardless of circumstances). The German government meanwhile continues to spend billions of euros in order to house, feed, educate, and even make religiously-sensitive accommodations in schools and residential communities; Unfortunately, the migrant population shows no desire to assimilate.

As liberals, as guardians and as proponents of Western values, it is our job to call out oppression, injustice, and any attempt to overturn a liberal democracy. In other words, it is our job to criticize bad ideas. But only PROPER liberals have the guts to do all this without the fear of being labeled as racists, Islamophobes, or any other term used by those who value the sensitivity and appeasement over reality. Well now there is a threat to democracy and freedom in Europe, and It is coming in mass hoards. Not only Germany, but all of Europe will pay for its decision to let in everybody who seeks asylum without actually figuring out that with mass migration, especially from the middle east, comes disaster. Now, do we prevent this from happening here in the U.S by banning all Muslims from entering the country as Trump has proposed? No. We do it by asking more from reformed, moderate Muslims so that they may lead the way in a transformation that would potentially enlighten the Muslim world. Without such religious traditionalism, democracy will survive in Europe, and people from all religions will hopefully begin to see that there is value in freedom, democracy, and the Western World.

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