We absolutely should be talking about politics in this day and age. It's important, I get it. But what we're not going to do, is bully your coworkers into stating their political views if they don't want to.

Contrary to popular belief, everyone is allowed to hold their own political views. Yes, this is a thing! And when people say "There is a time and place to talk politics", they are right folks and as you guessed it, your place of work is not one of them!

I have had coworkers in the past try to talk politics with me and slip things in like "Well, as long as you are Republican, it is okay" or "Hope you are voting all blue today" That is so uncomfortable, and to be honest, annoying.

Who are you to tell me who I should be voting for, or what my views should and should not be? You don't know me, and your opinion is no more important than mine.

In my experience, the people who try to push their beliefs like this truly don't even know what they beleive and are blindly follow other people but they need validation and want to sound smart so that's why they go around annoucing their beliefs to the whole entire world!

I WISH it was possible for us to discuss important issues like this at all times, but with how intense peoples opinions are and how separated the political parties are, it just seems like no good even comes from a conversation, and that is sad.

I hope in the days to come, we will all be able to come together for the sake of the country and the planet, and do better for future generations. But we can only hope.