A Pledge For Adulthood

A Pledge For Adulthood

A few things that millennials seem to have forgotten.

I came across an article in the Los Angeles Times, written by Chris Erskine, that talked about the "Millennial Pledge," (http://www.latimes.com/home/la-hm-erskine-20151010...) which I firmly believe every millennial should take before they take anymore steps into the life of adulthood, myself included. Instead of working to better our character and do things with our lives to improve the world we live in, we get caught up in wanting the latest and greatest products, and our egocentrism often gets in the way of trying to better ourselves as human beings. Erskine really puts things into perspective in this pledge, and here are some of the pledges that he suggests every reader puts into their life.

1. "I am entitled to nothing."

Something that I feel many people believe they are nowadays. However, that's not the case. You don't deserve something just because you think you do. Earn it if you want it.

2. "Just once, I will try driving without texting."

I know you've heard this before, but that "LOL" can wait for 15 minutes until you reach your destination. You don't need to risk your life and/or other people's lives for something as insignificant as a text message.

3. "Just once, I will try eating without texting."

I bet you can't even remember the last time you sat down and had a coffee with someone just to talk. Not talking over your laptops while you're studying at the 24-hr Starbucks. I'm talking about actually sitting down with your coffee, with your friend sitting across from you, and engaging in a real conversation. Try it. You'd be amazed at what you can find out about each other!

4. "I will learn to laugh at everything, especially myself."

I promise, this makes life so much easier...

5. " Each year, I will pen at least one thank-you note, using what's left of my cursive writing skills."

Did you know they stopped teaching kids how to write in cursive in school? There is nothing more personal than a hand-written letter, and a hand-written letter in cursive is going above and beyond. If you want to make someone's day, write them a letter, even if it's not the most convenient thing to do, or the fastest. However, it is the most meaningful.

6. "When I don't get my way, I will learn to roll with it."

7. "I promise not to misuse the word "literally." As in "I am literally dying of hunger," o,r "You are literally being so rude.""

I'm guilty of doing this, and I'm ashamed to admit it. It's a bad habit that I'm literally trying to quit... see, there I go again. All joking aside, this doesn't make you sound intelligent, and we all know that you're not speaking figuratively.

8. "If I can't afford car insurance, I won't spend $20 a day on coffee."

Oh look, here's another thing I'm guilty of doing, and I bet all of my fellow college students are guilty of, too! I know your 8 a.m. class is telling you otherwise, but do you really need that Venti, Quad-shot, Soy, Chai Tea Latté that's going to cost you $8.00?

9. "I won't give only gift cards for Christmas."

With the holidays coming up, this is something to keep in mind while you're frantically trying to get all of your Christmas shopping done. The only thing that giftcards say is, "Hey, I was too lazy to find something that you might actually like, so here you go, find it yourself." Put some effort into people's gifts this year.

10. "I will save 10% of everything I earn."

You won't even notice that it's gone from your paycheck, but in a few years you'll see it all start to add up.

11. "I promise not to text anything of life-changing significance: a marriage proposal, a divorce decree, a positive result."

... and I repeat, do not break up with someone over a text... ever.

12. "I will always remember Aristotle's quote: "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.""

If you want to read the rest of the Millennial Pledge, click here and take your first few steps into the life of an adult. Happy reading!

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Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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The Ultimate 10 Brunch Spots In Charleston, SC

My favorite places to enjoy brunch in Charleston!

Going to brunch is one of my favorite things to do in Charleston. Who doesn’t love grabbing brunch and catching up with friends? Charleston is full of delicious restaurants, but here’s list of all my favorites for brunch!

1. Black Magic Café

This is my favorite café in Charleston! The food is incredible and their coffee is fresh and delicious. They also have yummy mimosas served in mason jars. The “Mornin’ Sunshine” is my favorite, so I always end up ordering it, but everything on the menu sounds amazing! They have tons of breakfast and lunch options. The original location is on Folly Beach and it’s a funky, beach house style café a couple blocks from the beach. There’s also a new location that opened up on James Island. Both locations have great outdoor seating where you can enjoy your brunch! And, pups are welcome!

2. Lost Dog Café

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3. Huriyali

This café is acai bowl heaven! They have several delicious variations of acai bowls, along with other breakfast and lunch options, smoothies, fresh juices, coffee, tea, wine, and beer. This café has a little something for everyone! This is a great place to grab a healthy brunch. There is also a beautiful garden area to enjoy your acai bowls!

4. Gnome Café

This is a delicious vegetarian and vegan-friendly café to grab a healthy brunch! They have lots of breakfast and lunch options and delicious coffee. The taco salad is insane! There is also a beautiful outdoor patio area surrounded by greenery to enjoy your brunch!

5. The Harbinger

This café is a little out of the way but so worth it! It’s all the way up King Street but you don’t want to miss it! It’s a beautiful café to grab a delicious vegetarian and vegan-friendly brunch. It also has a great outdoor patio area to enjoy your brunch!

6. The Park Café

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7. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

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9. Queen Street Grocery

This little café is so underrated. It is absolutely delicious in such a beautiful part of Charleston. It’s hidden over on Queen Street. This is a café, but also a mini market. The are several breakfast and lunch options to enjoy. There's little outdoor patio area to enjoy your brunch as well!

10. gogogreens

This is a delicious health-food café on Sullivan’s Island. This café is another piece of acai bowl heaven. Everything is delicious but the Cocoa beach bowl is absolutely amazing! It’s an acai bowl with an espresso shot mixed in… What more could you want?! There are several healthy breakfast and lunch options along with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. This café also has a nice porch area to enjoy your acai bowl on a sunny day or you can take it to-go and enjoy it on the beach!

I hope this list gave you some ideas for the next time you go to brunch in Charleston! Keep brunching and treat yo'self.

Cover Image Credit: Jeanine Goodall

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