1. My dog

I mean how could anyone say no to that face?

2. My other DAWG (Obama)

Please come back love.

3. This rock

It's the right color and probably has more intellectual capacity anyways.

4. Bernie Madoff

Nobody to stop the corruption and evil, oh wait... kind of like now.

5. Tiger Woods

Has probably had less affairs anyways.

6. Bernie Sanders

In all seriousness, #FEELTHEBERN

7. Alec Baldwin

Does a better job as Trump than Trump does as himself.

8. Alan Rickman

He did a pretty good job playing a president. I suppose that’s not far off from where we are now?

9. A f**king turd

Thanks Eminem!

10. This guy

I mean he's almost as well known, probably in a better light though.

11. Oprah

Not that she should be, but she'd definitely do a better job.

12. Meredith Grey

Takes no shit. And she's damn smart. And pretty eloquent too. And she at least felt guilty about feeling like a homewrecker.

13. You

If you’re reading this, wait if you even CAN read this, you’d probably do a better job.