5 Jobs You Can Safely Work During Quarantine In State College, PA
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5 Jobs You Can Safely Work During Quarantine In State College, PA

Penn State students and State College locals, here is a guide to easy jobs to ick up in the area that are available throughout the pandemic.

5 Jobs You Can Safely Work During Quarantine In State College, PA

Landing an easy and safe job over the pandemic can be challenging. If you are a student at Penn State or in the State College area over quarantine, here is.a guide to 5 easy and safe jobs you can work.

Marketing Intern

Believe it or not, Penn State pays student promoters of certain schools and organizations. If you are already doing things such as social media, promotion or recruitment for a Penn State affiliated organization, contact your supervisor on possibly earning money through your marketing efforts, and you may be eligible to earn a job through Penn State!


Becoming an assistant at Target is known to pay well and have amazing benefits. State College has two Targets: one downtown and another on Atherton. These two locations are excellent opportunities to work a seasonal job or get in some extra hours over the semester!

Customer Service Rep

An awesome job opportunity open to current Penn State students! Be a first-line help contact for the university. Answer questions and communicate with diverse customers on a regular basis. Learn how to respond to routine customer questions. This is an excellent way to earn some additional money simply over the phone!

Lab Assistant

An awesome resume builder and opportunity for STEM majors. Also open to current Penn State students, help assist in class labs. Students evaluate and assist with DNA samples for quality and quantity. This is a part-time paying job Penn State is offering.

Part-Time Research Support

Join a clinical research team! If you have a background in computer science, biology, health, and communications, this is an excellent job to check out. Penn State is willing to pay students who are interested in joining the team.

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