Dear Tall Girls,

I feel your pain. I feel your self-consciousness and uncertainty and awkwardness.

I know what it's like to slouch on purpose. I also know what it's like to slouch not on purpose after it's become a very bad habit. I know the feeling of annoyance that comes with shopping for dresses, jeans, and shorts. I know the feeling of eyes following you and comments about playing basketball or volleyball. I know the feeling of guilt when you realize that your height should be insignificant and that there are "better things to worry about" or "bigger problems that you could have."

Trust me, I know (or at least, I did know at one point).

I say that I knew these feelings because I'm happy to say that I've moved past them. You can, too. I believe in you. By no means am I a very confident person. Being comfortable with your height is more than confidence. It's more like a personal journey of self-love and acceptance. Everyone's journey will be different. I'd be lying if I said I went on my journey alone; my husband helped me realize that my height is beautiful. Now I know that it's something I should be proud of. It makes me different, and that's OK. It's a part of who I am.

I think the secret for me was to use the feelings of dread and resentment I used to feel toward my height as reasons to love it.

For example, instead of beating myself up every time I notice myself slouching, I channel that energy into focusing on sitting up straight. Shopping for bottoms and long dresses has improved because I either embrace the fact that everything is going to be a bit shorter on me (and know I'm going to look good in it) or I take the time and money to shop at places that carry clothing for taller ladies (treat yo' self). I've learned to love knowing that people are staring at me because of my height. This one was hard for me because I hate being the center of attention.

However, there's something fun about it.

I think about stares as compliments, just like you would stare at a cool tattoo or a nice outfit. I've even enjoyed wearing heels more often lately for some added fun. The comments about playing basketball or volleyball are funny because I usually tell the person that I make the volleyball team in high school because of my height but I sat on the bench because I'm just not very athletic! Finally, I no longer have to feel bad about worrying about my height for two reasons. First, my feelings are valid and I shouldn't have to justify or compare them. Second, I've learned to love my height!

So to all the tall girls out there, I hope someday soon you are able to begin, continue, or finish your journey of embracing your height.

You are beautiful.

Love, Karleigh (6'0")